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American Butcher Brand Dog Treats are Wholesome and Woofalicious! + a Pawsome Giveaway!

When it comes to dog treats, us pups are professional taste testers! At least that’s what my Lady calls us and well, truth be known, we are always happy to oblige WOOF! This past weekend we were gearin’ up for my sister, Maggie’s Birthday pawdy. My Lady had planned a big spread for her includin’ new toys and lots of tasty dog treats from American Butcher Brand!

Just the name, American Butcher Brand, was makin’ our mouths water! My Lady said they were some fine and dandy dog treats and she was right! Lemme me fetch her to tell ya more ’bout em!

Here’s what my Lady says about American Butcher Brand Dog Treats

When it comes to dog treats, I am very particular about what I let my pups have. Before they even get to the tasting part, you can believe I have thoroughly checked them out. I have to say, I am very impressed with American Butcher Brand dog treats! They use only the highest USDA grade products and only the freshest quality meats! Their treats are also FREE FROM Gluten, Corn, Soy, Wheat, Artificial Preservatives, BHA/BHT, Added Sugar, and Artificial Colors and Dye.

Let me introduce you to America Butcher Brand and then we will take a look a few of our favorites!

About American Butcher Brand

American Butcher Brand’s commitment is to serve a superior quality pet treat at an affordable price. They have 86 years of combined pet food industry experience. American Butcher Brand brings Ken’s butcher mastery and Jeff’s profound pet food sales knowledge together to create these delicious and natural pet treats.

American Butcher Brand Dog Treats with German Shepherd

The Meaty Party Menu

For our party menu, we had Natural Beef Crisps, Buster Treats, Duck and Turkey Soft Chews, and Beef Jerky from American Butcher Brand.

Maggie Mae, the birthday girl, is anxious for the birthday feast! She was already licking her lips and drooling. They say dogs noses are better than humans so she must have been smelling them through the packaging!

American Butcher Brand Beef Crisps Dog treats

Natural Beef Crisps

What dog doesn’t love dehydrated beef?! American Butcher Brand’s Beef Crisps are pure 100% U.S. dehydrated beef broken up into light crunchy pieces.

American Butcher Brand Beef Crisps Dog Treats

You can serve these light dog treats just as they are or they are easily broken apart for smaller pieces. Since they are easy to break apart, they are perfect for both large and small dogs. Whatever size dog you have, you can bet they will be jumping and begging for more! The pups love these meaty morsels!

American Butcher Brand Buster Treats Dog Treats

Natural Buster Treats

The American Butcher Brand’s Buster Treat is a dehydrated beef tendon made from 100% U.S.A. beef. I love that they named it after the original family taste tester, Buster! The pups LOVED these long-lasting treats!

American Butcher Brand - Soft Chew Duck-Turkey Dog Treats

Natural Duck/Turkey Soft Chew

The American Butcher Brand’s Duck/Turkey Tender is a dehydrated dog treat made from 100% USDA sourced duck and turkey breast. The Soft Chews are easy to tear apart for smaller servings if you want to serve tidbits or have a small dog.American Butcher Brand Beef Jerky Dog Treats

Natural Beef Jerky Dog Treat

I haven’t seen a dog yet that will turn away a great piece of jerky! The American Butcher Brand Beef Jerky is ground and formed from premium Wisconsin beef. While still chewy, these Jerky dog treats also have a fun crunch to them. The jerky is easily torn apart, making it perfect for any size pet or for smaller training portions.

American Butcher Brand Dog Treats are Wholesome and Woofalicious!

First up, Maggie Mae opened all her gifts of new dog toys. Of course, everyone had to try the new toys out. While they had fun trying out their new toys, I prepared the snack table.

Eventually, when everyone had their fill of playing, it was time to serve the delicious meaty American Butcher Brand dog treats! You can believe I did not have to call them twice!

American Butcher Brand Dog Treats are Wholesome and Woofalicious!

Look deep into my eyes… Your pup is craving these WOOFALICIOUS American Butcher Brand Dog Treats!

If you are looking for a WHOLESOME, great tasting dog treats look no further than American Butcher Brand! The mouth-watering treats are of the highest quality USA-sourced fresh ingredients – FREE FROM Gluten, Corn, Soy, Wheat, Artificial Preservatives, BHA/BHT, Added Sugar, Artificial Color/Dye. Dogs are CRAZY about the delicious taste and textures and as a pet parent, you can feel good about the quality and wholesomeness!

While the Natural Beef Crisps, Buster Treats, Duck and Turkey Soft Chews, and Beef Jerky are a few of our favorites, visit American Butcher Brand to view the wide array of treats for both dogs and cats available!

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How would you like a chance for your pup to try these tasty treats? We thought you might! As the pack is thoroughly enjoying their treats, we joined up with Layla’s Woof so you could also read their review and see what Miss Layla’s thoughts were regarding the treats. What I know is everyone is woofing YUMMMM!


One lucky reader will win

American Butcher Brand Dog Treat Prize Pack!

Includes: Soft Chew Chicken Sticks, Duck/Turkey Soft Chews, Buster Treats, and Beef Jerky

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Hosted by Layla’s Woof and Miss Molly Says

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Good Luck Y’all!

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Monday 10th of September 2018

I have never heard about this brand, so thanks for introduction, looks like the best choice

Trisha McKee

Friday 30th of March 2018

I hink mine would love the beef jerky the best.

Buddy Garrett

Friday 30th of March 2018

I think he would love the Soft Chew Chicken Sticks.

Trisha Musgrave

Friday 30th of March 2018

The Duck and Turkey would be my dogs favorite!

Eileen Boyce

Friday 30th of March 2018

My dog would love the jerky treats!

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