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August PetBox brought us a Portable Water Bowl, Dog Treats, Toys & More!

It’s been a super busy month ’round here! It seems my Lady has been rushin’ here and yonder on home stuff and gettin’ all the garden stuff canned up. For us pups, it been so down right hot we haven’t been movin’ about much. When we try, it leaves us all with our tongues a hangin’ out. But, when that big brown truck rolled up, ya can bet we all went a runnin’ to meet it!


WOOF! Yesiree! It brought us another box full of stuff! We sure do love our gift boxes from PetBox! We know it’s always gonna have some good surprises in there. We barked real loud so my Lady would come on out and open it!


Sallie and Brandi were the first to see inside. Sallie was a sniffin’ ’round, but I know what Brandi was a doin’. She had her eye on that toy! That girl sure does love toys! That’s just a youngin’ for ya!


Brandi better hurry cause I think Ozzy is eyeballin’ that toy too! Yep! Sure nuff. He grab it and off they ran, yippin’ and chasin’. I’m gonna wait over here patiently cause I know there might be somethin’ good to eat in there WOOF! Meanwhile, I’ll let my Lady tell ya about the goodies in our August PetBox.

Here’s what my Lady had to say about our August PetBox

The pups August PetBox contained some very needed items, along with some favorite items of the pups. With our August heat here in the South, my favorite item was the portable water bowl. The pups, of course, would tell a different story. Their favorite items would be the treats and the toy!


We were absolutely thrilled to receive an Alcott Essential Adventure Portable Water Bowl! Living in a rural area, even trips to the vet require some way to provide a sip of water. And, for those that like to take adventures and hiking trips, it really is an essential! The Alcott portable water bowl can store up to 50 oz. of water or 6 cups of food. It has a button snap closure, which makes it convenient for carrying. It has a nice rugged outer layer, while having a leak proof inner layer up to 24 hours.


Here’s a pic of it opened up. Me, and the pups, are tickled to death with it! It is so convenient! It folds flat enough to carry in your purse, yet holds enough water for even my 100+ pound pups!

The pups all love the BePawsitive Dog Treats! I loved them because they are all natural, certified organic, made in the USA and wheat free! I also love BePawsitive because they give back to dogs in need. Every time we order their treats, a shelter get dog treats. This in turn helps with the shelter dogs training, which leads to them being more adoptable! I love supporting companies that help our shelter pets!


They all lined up for their BePawsitive treats. Here’s Seager grabbing his, while Molly is trying patiently to wait on hers. All the pups loved the taste and I felt good about giving them a “good for them” treat!


Oh yes! Brandi had her eye on the Pawtastic Fleece Pet toy right from the start! She is the one that loves toys. Actually, her and Ozzy love playing pitch and tug with it. They can chew on it, play with it, drag it through the dirt or whatever. It is fully washable and comes out clean!


We also received a Smart n’ Tasty Twizzies ChewThese chews are made in the USA with all natural US ingredients. They are also grain free, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free! Since  I have 7 dogs, I had to decide who was going to be the lucky one to try the Twizzies. In the end, my senior girl Sallie won. While the pups played outside, she enjoyed it in peace. She loved it! Perhaps it’s her age, but normally she isn’t that much into chews. However, she devoured the Piggy Twizzies!


I’ll be honest. We live out in the country on 3 acres. So, I don’t go hunting or picking up the doodie. Let’s face it! With 7 dogs on that amount of property, I would be forever hunting doodie! However, when we make visits anywhere or go to the vet and they use the facilities, I do. The Clean Paws Doodie Bags they sent us comes in very handy. They are easy to carry in their dispenser and are made of 50% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic, which I love.


Oh boy! Did we need this one! For some reason all my pups like to roll in the dirt! I thought birds liked dust baths, but these dogs love it more I think. And, my little chihuahua will find every stinky thing there is to roll in from dead frogs to dead insects! The fordirtydogs dry shampoo works well! It helps remove all the excess dirt and oil, and most importantly, that awful dead stuff smell that they seem to like. Maybe they want to keep that smell, but their choice in perfume is not to my liking! The tub I received was unscented, but they also offer scented varieties.

The August PetBox was awesome! I loved the portable water bowl, the dry shampoo and the doodie bags! The pups were thrilled with the treats and the toy. Everyone was happy and can’t wait until our September surprise. I’m not sure who is more excited when they come, me or the pups! Be sure and check out our other PetBox Reviews for fun pictures and info on new items!

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Sarah L

Sunday 26th of March 2017

Lots of fun things in this box. Do your pups really know the brown truck?


Wednesday 13th of April 2016

Thank you for your PetBox review, much appreciated!

Sarah L

Tuesday 24th of November 2015

That was a super petbox bunch of useful and tasty treats. Glad everyone liked it.


Monday 31st of August 2015

Wow, great stuff

Sally T.

Sunday 14th of September 2014

I would love this for my two Fur-Baby Gran Dogs.They love their treats,and certainly would love this.

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