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Canine Mastitis | Little Momma’s Ordeal

We seem to have happenin’s every day in our world of doggie drama ’round here! This time, it seems our Little Momma, the one with the 5 week old pups, has gotten a really bad case of canine mastitis! Now, I ain’t ever had no pups of my own, and after seein’ this, maybe I’m glad I can’t have none! I ain’t never saw nothin’ that looked this painful! She can’ hardly walk or even lay down right!

Little Momma, canine mastitis

Little Momma, the stray that had the seven babies 5 weeks ago isn’t feelin’ so spiffy! We noticed that she hadn’t been takin’ care of those babes for a few days. As a matter of fact, she was lettin’ Little Mary (the other stray) take care of ’em. Little Mary is the momma of the pups we have inside with us – Brandi and Ozzy. Well, her milk dried up a long time ago, but she’s still tryin’ to feed them little boogers.  Anyway, at 5 weeks they are eatin’ that mush food, as I call it. My Lady says they will be alright to go on and get weaned.

Little Momma, canine mastitis

Do you see how big it is! Actually, in the pic, you can only see one breast but two of ’em are affected by it. Bad as I would like some pups, I don’t think I wanna go through all that! She’s in awful pain and in really bad shape!

The one good thing about all of it is, the pups are 5 weeks old and eatin’ food on their own. They will be alright weanin’ ’em now. If you have a nursin’ momma dog that gets this condition, you need to watch the pups. Especially, if the pups are really young! They may not be gettin’ enough to eat just because it is to painful for her to feed ’em!

What are the signs of canine mastitis?

If you see excessive swelling and/or redness. The breast can become red, hot, and hard to the touch. Also, Little Momma quit eatin’ and drinkin’. She was runnin a fever and would just lay there, not movin’ at all. She also avoided her pups 🙁

What causes canine mastitis?

Canine Mastitis can be caused by a stopped up milk duct just like in humans. It can also be cause by bacteria entering from a tiny scratch, prick, or teeth mark from the youngin’s. Especially, like with our stray Little Momma out there in the shed. It is not the most sterile conditions, if ya know what I mean. Any little open spot is an invitation for bad bacteria to enter. It also doesn’t help that Little Momma is a stray and not in the best of condition. We do feed her, but her immune system is probably not what it could be if she was like us.

What do you do about canine mastitis?

If you notice unusual swelling of the mammary glands, it is VERY important to contact your vet!

The only thing gonna help this out is antibiotics and it is real important you get them! If that infection ends up spreadin’, your dog can become very sick. Did you know that it can possibly turn into gangrene? Woofers! If ya let it get that far, your dog will need to go in the doggie hospital for IV’s and possible breast removal!

Another thing that will help ease her pain, are warm compresses applied to the boobies affected. Little Momma seemed to like this and settled down and left the warm water bottle there.

Some vets will instruct to try and express some milk, still others won’t. So, that will be up to your vet. The one thing they don’t want to happen is a blow out, or rupture from the swelling. Canine mastitis sets up kind of an abscess that get real ugly real quick 🙁

The most IMPORTANT thing is to call and/or see our vet! If you allow this condition to go on, the infection can spread and can become very dangerous for your dog!

Can pups still nurse a dog with canine mastitis?

Some dogs can still nurse with canine mastitis, if the mother doesn’t reject the pups. It may be just to painful for her. It also depends on the quality of the milk. With a sample, the vet can let you know if it safe for the pups. The vet may advise that the momma dog stop nursing. If so, the pups may need to be supplemented with formula for a while. If the pups are older, like ours, and are eating soft foods and drinkin’ water, then she can be allowed to stop nursing completely.

All I know is I will just keep playin’ with the pups around here. I don’t think I need to have any now, thank ya!


Debbie P

Tuesday 24th of March 2020

This was a very informative article. I hope she will be okay!

Dana Rodriguez

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

Useful information. I have a feral that has four kittens about three weeks old. I hope Little Momma is feeling better!


Monday 19th of October 2015

That's really gross. How did it get so bad? I had gangrene once after an operation and it felt like the area affected was on fire. It's good it didn't get to that point.


Monday 19th of October 2015

She is a stray pup that had babies in an old shed of ours. We discovered her predicament and got her some help.

Nikkie Cossairt

Monday 22nd of April 2013

I am sorry to hear about Little Momma. Kisses my chihuahua just went through the same thing but it was not even close to what I see here. I held her on my lap with warm compresses and milked her. It was very painful for her :( Made very sad for her :( Anyhow, within a couple of hours she was feeding the puppies again. That was about a week ago and she hasn't had an issue since. If it didn't get better as quick as it did I would have taken her to the Vet. Thanks for the post :)


Monday 22nd of April 2013

Thank you for your post! We are trying with the warm compresses and have started the antibiotics. I have NEVER saw anything of this magnitude before :( She is in a really bad shape. I am thankful the pups are now at 5 weeks though and she can stop the nursing. It was so painful for her. I thank you for your kind words!!!

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