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Custom Pet ID Tags Review

pet id tag

You just have to see these shiny new custom pet ID tags us furbabies got the other day! My sisters, brother, and I all got one with our name on it! My Lady says it has her phone number on the back in case we get lost from her. That way human folks can read it and call her. I don’t know about the rest of ’em here, but I’m not about to run off and don’t really see none of  ’em a tryin’! She says it’s just in case somethin’ happens. Since I don’t know anything about gettin’ stuff like that, I’m gonna let my Lady tell ya all about ’em.

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Here’s what my Lady has to say about these custom pet ID tags –

Well, I feel privileged that Miss Molly is going to let me talk a while! Seriously, we would like to take a moment to tell you about these awesome pet id tags we found the other day. I have always liked knowing that my pets are wearing some form of ID in case they were lost. I’m sure most of you feel the same way. It gives me a little bit of comfort to know they have that added bit of information to help them get back home.

But these aren’t your regular mass produced ID tags! These are originally designed custom ID tags made by Aaron Albrecht. They are hand cast in pewter and hand stamped with your pet’s name and phone number, or personalized per your instructions. He literally makes them all himself to assure the highest quality in workmanship!

As you can see from the picture above, the detailing is amazing! I also like the fact they are heavier duty than the normal pet ID tags. I have had some ID tags that were paper thin and the information wore off after they wore them a while. With Aaron’s custom pet ID tags, it is engraved fairly deep in a pewter tag. I also like the fact they are made right here in the USA and I like the idea of supporting a small business owner!

There are several choices to choose from and it took me a while to decide. In the end, I chose the ‘star’ in red for Miss Molly because – well, she is our little star! I chose the ‘heart’ in red for Maggie because we call her our sweet Maggie. She is the one with the gentle heart. Sallie got the ‘flower’ in red because she is mama’s “sweet pea”. Lastly, I chose the ‘paw print’ in blue for Seager. He is our lastest rescue addition to the family, the only boy, and has definitely put his paw print on our hearts.

Custom Pet ID tags –  sizes available:

  • Large size is 1 1/4″ diameter and weighs 0.7 oz. max 9 letters for pets name
  • Small size is 1 1/8″ diameter and weighs 0.6 oz. max 8 letters for pets name.
  • Tiny Tag is 15/16 of an inch (about the size of a quarter) max 7 letters for pets name.

The tag comes complete with an American Made 5/8″ split ring to attach to the D-Ring on collar.

Even though I have large dogs, a German Shepherd, Rottweilers and not quite sure on Miss Molly, I chose the small size. It is just the right size for them. Actually the large or small would have worked just fine. If you have a really small pet, the tiny tag would be perfect for them. For any dog smaller than mine (60-75 lb range), I would recommend sticking with the small or tiny tag because of the weight of the tag.

pet id tags

I know you can’t see the details of the pet id tags in these pics, but just so you know the players and get an idea of the size dogs and tags. There is Miss Molly on the left (being the smallest of them), then Sallie, Seager, and Maggie.

I cannot speak highly enough of these pet ID tags! In all my years of owning dogs, and a few cats along the way, I have only had the run-of-the-mill, thin, mass produced pet ID tags. I have to say these far out weigh those! The quality, workmanship and detail – all with a $12.95 price tag! You just can’t beat that AWESOME price for what you are getting! I highly encourage you to visit Aaron Albrecht’s custom pet ID tags online and check out all the cute ID tags. You can also visit with him on facebook. I’m sure you will find one that will fit your pet’s personality! And, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing if your pet is lost, they are wearing ID to help them get back home.

We have an awesome giveaway coming a little later, so be sure to keep watch!

I’ll hand you back to Miss Molly now –

I guess you human folk can understand all that, but for me – I just like the new charm on my furbaby necklace! Oh, and best of all, my Lady called me a Star!

anita m sanchez

Friday 23rd of November 2012

I like the pink bow doggie plate, very nice and nice handy work.


Friday 23rd of November 2012

These are beautiful!! Love the pictures of your dogs too!! What a high-energy, loving home you must have!


Friday 23rd of November 2012

Definitely high energy here! At least for them LOL!

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