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Dog Days and Puppy Tales

I am finally gettin’ back over here to do some more postin’! It has just been one wild and crazy time at our place. There’s been so much goin’ on it it would make your head spin! Between all the yard work and garden, we have been up to our necks in furbabies! So, I’m a gonna try and catch ya up and what all’s been happenin’ in our Dog Days and Puppy Tales!

We now have 7 of us livin’ in the house: Sallie, Maggie, Molly (me 🙂 ), Seager, Brandi, Ozzy, and Little Bit. Plus we got the 3 strays: Cooper, Little Moma, and Little Girl. Lemme just tell ya what’s been happenin’ round here!

Dog Days and Puppy Tales

All of Little Moma’s pups got their shots, wormin’, spayin’ and neuturin’. Then the nice people at the Humane Shelter arranged for em to be transported up North, where they had already been spoken for! It was an excitin’ and happy day knowin’ they were headin’ for their furever homes!

Dog Days and Puppy Tales

No sooner did them pups get gone, Little Bit showed up. She seems to be an old pup. She has some gray on her muzzle. Not sure where she came from, never could find no owner after searchin’ for one. So, we’re assumin’ she got dropped off here. Heck, they probable saw all us runnin’ round and thought it was a real good spot. Trouble is – I’m guessin’ they were probably right. My Lady took a look at that little piece of fluff and scooped her right on up.

She was already potty trained and seems to know all about everything. She just kinda blended right on in Woof! Her and Brandi have been buddyin’ up.

Dog Days and Puppy Tales

During all the other comin’s and goin’s, the two pups from Little Girl (Little Mary) that my Lady kept have been a growin’ like weeds! I did a picture so you could see the difference. They started out a fittin’ in your hand and now at 5 months old, Brandi is 40 lbs and Ozzy is 50 lbs. They are big as me now and movin’ on up! Not sure I’m a likin’ it, but I can still take em on 🙂

They are into everything round here though! My Lady is always havin’ to get em out of somethin’. They don’t pay no never mind to her, they just bounce on into somethin’ else. They’ve done chewed, and torn up, things all through the house! My Lady says, and is a hopin’, they’ll grow out of it and settle on down. I sure hope so! They are my Lady’s little formula fed babies and she is real partial to em! So, I reckon they get by with more than the rest of us did – not fair!

Dog Days and Puppy Tales

I wanted to show ya this picture! If y’all remember, when Seager came to us he had them heartworms and was pretty darn thin. Ya can see the size he was when he came on the left up there. Well, during the heartworm treatment he couldn’t run and play for a couple of months. Then, the weather got warm and he would rather lay up in the house under the air conditioner. Well, ya can see where all that got him on the right! He was 50 lbs when he came and now he is over 80 lbs! He surely packed on some pounds!

Truth be known though, he needed some pounds (keyword here is some!), because he didn’t weigh enough. Not sure what his weight needs to be, but got to get him exercisin’ again for sure!

Dog Days and Puppy Tales

This is what he wants to do all day Woof! Woof! Yep, he sleeps on his back like that all the time! Most of the time he is on top of an air vent though.

Dog Days and Puppy Tales

Then it seems them strays have became “OUR” strays. I’m a thinkin’ they are here to stay. There sure is a lot of problems with em here, considerin’ Seager don’t like Coop and I don’t like that Little Moma! I can’t help it! She snapped at me once and I had to show who was here first! Meanwhile, Seager has done tied into Coop quite a few times. Poor old Coop don’t cause no problems. But, he don’t just lay there gettin’ attacked either.

My Lady has to put all the strays in the mancave before she can let all us out to keep the peace amongst us. Oh, and just so ya know – Coop is the Daddy of Brandi and Ozzy!

Dog Days and Puppy Tales

This is Little Girl (Little Mary) – we call her both. She is Brandi and Ozzy’s moma. When her pups were babies, she run off and left 4 of em with us and took 4 with her. We still don’t know what happened to the other 4. You can read about it here if ya want to. After a while, she came back. But, that is why my Lady had to do the formula and mush feed the 4 of em. Two of those went to furever homes somewhere else and we kept Brandi and Ozzy.

Dog Days and Puppy Tales

This one is Little Moma. She is the moma of the last pups that got transported up North to adopted homes. She is also the one that got the bad mastitis. Yep, you guessed it! When she got sick with the severe mastitis, my Lady had to take them pups from her and take care of em herself. I am guessin’ it all worked out in the end. But, all these pups were really makin’ things crazy round here!

Both Little Girl and Little Moma had their spayin’ done this week. NO MORE PUPS for them two! Considerin’ that between the two of em, we have had a total of 15 pups here to deal with it was long overdue! Plus, it was time they it could all start again if somethin’ wasn’t done! Y’all please spay and neuter your pets!

Dog Days and Puppy TalesI gotta show ya this! Have you ever? And, I mean ever – heard of strays with a dog house this size? Need I say complete with air conditioning and fans? Hrrrrhm! Actually, it’s what we call the mancave. It is an out-building we have, but it really has ceiling fans, air conditionin’, and runnin’ water – the whole 9 yards! Them strays get a big ole bowl of food ever mornin’ and afternoon, have fresh water in their bowls, air on and fans a runnin’. They stay in there while we go out an play. When we go inside for our naps, they get to come out.

I know these three got dealt a bad hand when them owners of theirs left em like they did. We found all this out from some neighbors. What an awful thing to do to your furbabies! They just up and moved and left em to fend for themselves! Can ya believe that? We’re a doin’ the best we can by em. My Lady has got em fatten up a bit, got em shots, flea and tick control, and spayed. Coop still needs some vettin’ though. One step at a time. Had to solve the puppy problem with the females first Woof! Sad part is they are all heartworm positive 🙁 They said the girls were a light case, but it still involves the same treatment Seager had. Not sure where that is goin’ yet.

So, to end my story – we got 7 of us furbabies in the house and 3 outside. We have to do a lot of takin’ turns between the inside and outside furbabies, but we’ve about got it down to a routine now. We still got some workin’ on it to do though.

Well, I guess ya can see we have been goin’ crazy here tryin’ to deal with everything. But, we are gettin’ grip on it now. At least we see progress 🙂 But, meanwhile y’all this FURBABY INN is CLOSED! There are NO VACANCIES!!!! My Lady said for me to spread the word! WOOF! WOOF!

Between you and me, it’s closed until another sad face comes along needin’ some help. Yep, that’s the way it goes! My Lady is a softy for a furbaby in need! Meanwhile our dog days and puppy tales will continue. Be sure and follow along and see what mischief comes next!


Saturday 29th of June 2013

Heart of gold! That's all I got to say about that!

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