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Drypet Pet Towel Review and Giveaway!

Drypet Pet Towel

I don’t know ’bout y’all, but I don’t like bein’ all wet! Now, take my brother Seager and my sister Maggie – they like to run and splash in it, but not me! Their fun ends though when we have to go back inside. We all have to get dried down ‘for we’re allowed back inside. Then, there are the bath times. The quicker I can get dried off, the better I like it! Well, my Lady found us a new kind of dryin’ towel and it sure works a lot better than those other ones she’s been tryin to use! Now I don’t know nothin ’bout towels, except I like it! So, I’m a gonna let my Lady tell ya all about it.

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Drypet Pet Towel:

Have you guys heard of the Drypet Pet Towel? It is a microfiber pet towel that can help you get your pets dried faster and easier than regular towels. Here in our household, we have 4 very large dogs. You can imagine the towels we go through when bathing time comes! Or, even when it isn’t bath time for that matter. These four still need to visit outside when it is pouring down rain.

They are use to stopping at the door to get dried down and their muddy paws cleaned of all the mud. It takes forever to do this also, plus a lot of towels. Well, I have found this amazing Petdry Pet Towel! This amazing towel holds up to five times more water than your regular cotton towel! Actually, it kind of reminds me of a shammy. My first thought was that it would stick to their fur, but that wasn’t the case. It really worked well in aborbing the water, while sliding over the dogs. I don’t blow dry my dogs, but if you do, the Drypet Pet Towel would really cut down on the drying and grooming time!

It is also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, which is a must for Sallie, my pet with all the allergy problems!

Drypet Pet Towel

Maggie after a trip out in the rain, wearing her Petdry Pet Towel

Even though the Drypet Pet Towel absorbs up to five times more water from the pets, it is really easy to clean. It is machine washable and dryer friendly. With it being so absorbent, I wondered if it would get water logged and be hard to dry. Well, after using, I threw it the washer and washed as I normally would. Then, I threw it into the dryer. It actually dried rather quickly and came out of the dryer soft and ready to use again!

In a nutshell – here are the Petdry Pet Towel Benefits:

  • Dries coat incredibly FAST – Cuts drying time by more than half
  • Dries your pet Completely – Eliminates the need for blow-drying
  • Cleans wet or dirty paws in seconds – with or without water
  • Use Dry, slightly damp or with your favorite grooming aid
  • Won’t stick to their coats, keeps it shiny and healthy
  • Safe for all Pets – Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial
  • Holding up to five times more water than your basic cotton bath towel
  • Towel dries quickly – machine and dryer friendly

This towel has become my, and the four furbabies, new best friend! I would highly recommend the Drypet Pet Towel to anyone that has pets! I am totally pleased with it and consider it well worth the price. Actually, I need to order another one for times it is in the wash/dry cycle and I need one! I, and my pets, give the Drypet Pet Towel a total thumbs up!

Noel W.

Sunday 10th of March 2013

I have 3 Doxies. One who loves water and runs through puddles and jumps in the pool and 2 that are so afraid to get in the rain. They would love this towel

Barbara Stenby

Sunday 10th of March 2013

A chocolate Lab owns me

Natalie Kozaczka

Sunday 10th of March 2013

I have two puppies,they will be two years old this summer,and they love to play in the yard and roll around in all the grass and dirt.Would be great for bath time!

bonnie fowler

Sunday 10th of March 2013

i have 3 dogs, a boxer, rotweiller, and a coon hound.

Deena Martin Bailey

Sunday 10th of March 2013

I don't have any.

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