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Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover Giveaway

Do any of you ya’ll have a dog, maybe more than one dog? If ya do, then you know that if one of them pees on the carpet, it seems like the other ones want to pee in the same darn spot! Well, we just think it’s the place to go. What a mess!! Well, my lady has a blogger friend over at Chant3llo’s Blog that says her dog, Mr. Frankie was still doing numbers on their carpet before they got his little jewels snipped. “ouch”

…and then along came Fizzion…actually she contacted Fizzion and asked if she could do a product review and they were awesome enough to say yes! AND! AND!! They said we could do a giveaway too!! Isn’t that great?!


She says the reason she contacted Fizzion is that she loved the concept!! Here is what she had to say about it: Here is this booming pet industry, people like me spending oodles and oodles on their furry little friends and it seems like every good cleaner is packed with harsh chemicals, you have to constantly buy bottles of it, which is horrible for the environment because you and I both know…we all have those days where we throw what should be recycled into the trash because we’re feeling lazy…yes yes I do it too even though I’m an enviro-lover. You haven’t done it? Ever? Really? Okay, I guess I believe you…

So I busted the box open, gushed over Garfield and Odie for a good three minutes, filled the spray bottle about two inches to the top with warm tap water, dropped two little Fizzion tablets in and watched the magic work! It’s so easy to make…it smells great (I really do love the smell) and it doesn’t smell like it’s going to poison you or your not-so-smart dogs when they try to eat it (Spot… the eater of everything within reach). 

So here’s the deal, it works really well on pet odors and even better on pet stains. I was so impressed with the spots it removed from my carpets. I love that it’s good for the environment because since there is no liquid being shipped, so it weighs less and costs less to ship, you re-use the bottles and fill them with your own tap water. All you have to do is order more Fizzion tabs! 

I love that there are no harsh chemicals so little paws (and feet!) can safely walk across it without me worrying they are absorbing toxic chemicals for future destruction of their delicate little bodies. 

You can buy Frission online, but they do sell it locally in some areas, check here:

On their website it costs $9.99 for a spray bottle and tabs to make a bottle of cleaner, and $6.99 for the refill tabs + Shipping. Occasionally you can get promo codes if you subscribe to their newsletter, which I would highly recommend. On Amazon you can get a bottle with the tabs for $7.02 or a tabs set for $5.38. Remember that it takes 2 (TWO) tabs to make a 32 oz bottle. If you have Prime you can get them to your house for that plus tax if they charge it!! I love Amazon Prime, but we’ll save that for another time…

So that this post is almost always current with the prices I added these widgets so you can see the current price on Amazon. I also looked to see if I could find any coupon codes for Fizzion’s website but couldn’t find any current ones. Let me know if you do! 

How to use: 

Depending on how often you’re going to use it, decide on whether you would rather make half a bottle or a full bottle. Remember that it stays active for up to a year once made. Fill up to the 16 oz mark for a half bottle, or ALMOST to the top (leave about an inch or so of space at the top) of the bottle with warm tap water. Drop in one tablet for a half bottle and two for a full bottle. Give the tabs 30 seconds or so to work their fizzy magic, screw on the sprayer (I like to give it a little gentle shake once the tabs have dissolved), turn the sprayer to on. Now go fight stains and odors one spot at a time!!

Want a chance to try some yourself? Well here is is! Fizzion is giving one of my readers their very own Fizzion starter kit!!

Enter using the rafflecopter below, good luck!
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Disclosure: Chant3llo’s Blog received a bottle of Fizzion and a refill as a gift for this review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Chant3llo’s Blog will not be responsible for sponsor prize shipment.


Monday 16th of July 2012

We have 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 birds, and a ton of fish.

Patti Ellerby

Monday 16th of July 2012

Bailee & Ziggy are mine and my hubbys Babies...They are both Chihuahuas. We don't know what to do when they are not around!! lol They are both good babies but Bailee like to go potty on my living room floor....I have tried a couple things but noting seems to work good.

jeanne conner

Monday 16th of July 2012

I have a long haired doxie and 2 long haired cats...

Keely renfro

Sunday 15th of July 2012


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Sunday 15th of July 2012

I have one dog fanny is a cocker whit lassa hapso and one cat named micha.

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