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Furry Family Members: 4 Ways Your Dog is a Hero in Your Life

Owning a dog can show you a new meaning to life. They show you what it’s like to love another like you’ve never loved before. Whether it’s the dog sleeping in your bed or greeting you when you walk through the door, a dog can be a hero in your life in numerous ways. Here are just four of those ways:

Furry Family Members 4 Ways Your Dog is a Hero in Your Life

Furry Family Members: 4 Ways Your Dog is a Hero in Your Life

Mood Enhancers

You don’t need any kind of prescription or any other kind of activity to boost your moods when you have a dog in the home. Just being around your furry friend can make you smile in a way that you never have. They can help to relax your mind after a long day or if there is something that you’re dealing with that you simply can’t deal with in any other way. Talking to and playing with your dog can help to lower the blood pressure, which can put you in a better mood during the day.

To Save a Life

You’ve probably seen people in stores with a dog when you clearly know that dogs aren’t allowed. They are most likely emotional support dogs or some other type of special certified dogs, like those at USA Service Dogs, and they are there in the event that something happens to the owner. Some dogs can detect when your blood sugar levels drop while others can sense when you are going to have a seizure. People who are blind rely on service dogs to help them get around inside and outside the home. There are some breeds of dogs that can protect children from danger, such as keeping children away from a snake or barking so that the owner is alerted to a present danger inside or outside the home.

Staying Healthy

If you’re sick, then you’ve probably noticed that your dog will be right next to you in bed or on the couch. Dog owners often have a faster recovery time than those who don’t have a dog in the home. There is also the possibility that owning a dog decreases the risk of having a heart attack. Owning a dog also requires work as you take the animal for walks and play with the dog outside, keeping you in better physical condition.

Security Features

When you’re asleep at night or if you’re not home during the day, your dog can help to protect the home. Any time there is the slightest noise that isn’t recognized, a dog will usually bark to alert you. Dogs will also bark to let you know if there is someone around who has never been to the home, which is why you should train your dog to know who is a friend and who isn’t.

A dog really is man’s best friend. From the smallest puppy to the largest lap dog, you’ll find that having a dog in the home is simply relaxing, giving you a reason to smile on a daily basis. A dog is also a less expensive way to secure the home while making you feel better faster when you’re sick.

Gloria Walshver

Tuesday 9th of May 2017

Having a dog was the best decision I ever made.


Sunday 7th of May 2017

Absolutely! I have two cats, ages 8 and 9; I adopted them (separately) when they were young kittens. They've become so important to me... Just so... necessary, in a way. They've done so much for me, and I love them to bits. Sending out my love to all of you, who might have these sorts of heroes in your own lives.

Lisa Coomer Queen

Sunday 7th of May 2017

These are all great reasons that your dog is your hero. Mine certainly keeps me company since I have become disabled.

Anita Jude

Sunday 7th of May 2017

I totally agree a dog is a girl's best friend the article

Linda Szymoniak

Saturday 6th of May 2017

I can't even imagine (and don't want to try) my life without my furbabies. I had a dog growing up, and when we lost her my dad said we could get another dog. Well, it wasn't long after my parents split up and my brother decided HE didn't want one, so I went for several years without a dog. Since then, though, I've had at least one dog (and except for a short period between two cats, have had at least one cat). Anyone who doesn't have a four-legged family member might not understand just how much they do for us, but I know I do. I always want them in my life!

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