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Heartworm Treatment for Seager is Going Good!


Heartworm Treatment for Seager is Going Good

We have really been havin’ some troubles goin’ on ’round here! Between Seager’s heartworm ordeal and them strays, it’s just took me a while to get back to talkin’. My Lady has been a little under the weather, takin’ care of the stray furbabies,  plus havin’ to take my brother Seager out on a leash ’cause he is still goin’ through his heartworm treatment. I got to tell ya though, he is doin’ just fine! He still can’t play none, and still has to go outside on a leash, but we think he is gonna come through it just fine!

He is through the most dangerous days of his heartworm treatment. He is two weeks past the last injections. But, he can’t have any activity until 30 days are up. He is a rippin’ at the seams to run and can’t say that I blame him none!! He can’t really run and play until after them 30 days are over. But, I betcha he runs ’til he collapses when he’s able!

My Lady just wants him off them steroids! He is a gettin’ kinda bossy and mean, as in a-g-g-r-e-s-i-v-e! Just last night, he attacked me for my treat. Well, lemma tell ya – when that big boy comes at ya – ya let him have what he wants! But, he wasn’t this way ‘fore he started takin’ all them medicines they got him on. The vet says he will go back to his old self once he quits takin ’em. I sure hope so!

I’m sure them strays my Lady is a takin’ care of will be glad too. Seager has took a notion he don’t like the one they are callin’ “Big Boy” or “Cooper”. Yea, they done went an namin’ em. Bless my Lady’s heart, she can’t help herself! But, back to the point, Seager growls and jumps on that big ole boy! That is one big german shepherd to be a messin’ with! Seager really must be feelin’ his wheaties! Somthin’s gotta give before Seager gets off that leash!!! That is not gonna be good thing at all! No it ain’t! Woof! Woof!

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