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Heartworm Treatment Started for Seager

Heartworm Treatment Started for Seager

Seager’s Heartworm Treatment Journey

Heartworm treatment has started for my brother Seager. If you remember, I told ya back in September about Seager’s bad news. When we adopted him, he had a pretty bad case of them heartworms. The vet started him on some kinda pre-meds then and he has been doin’ that until now. My Lady also fatten him up a bit and got him a bit healthier. That Seager boy has gained a whoppin’ 20 pounds since he got here in September!

Back to the heartworm treatment.  Last Thursday, was his day to get his first Immiticide injection. All us furbabies loaded up and took a road trip to the vet’s office with him. Of course we had to wait in the car, but we were there if he needed us. But, I gotta tell ya, when he came outta there he couldn’t hardly walk! He was a shiverin’ and shackin’. Then he went to droolin’ everywhere and couldn’t hardly stand up. We all felt so sorry for him!

The way my Lady and Man was a talkin’, the vet put the shot deep into his back muscle. They said it was awfully painful to get the shot and he would be in a lot of pain. The shot had to be given in a muscle close to his spine in the lower back area. It must  a hurt awfully bad cause they said he fell to the floor a tremblin’ after they did it. Then, they had to help him into the car to come home. All the way home, Seager kept on a shackin’ and a shiverin’. Then after gettin’ home, he went to pacin’ ’round and ’round cause he couldn’t get comfortable. He was a breathin’ so hard we didn’t know what to expect. It was so awful to watch him go through all that! But, on it went until almost morning. Finally, when the sun was a comin’ up, Seager and my Lady fell asleep.

He slept the entire day except for a couple of times my Lady helped him up to go do his business. He didn’t want to eat or drink. I was a gettin’ real worried ’bout him. Finally, by Saturday he started drinkin’ and by night he tried eatin’ a little. He was also movin’ ’round a little bit better.  Thankfully, by Sunday he was actin’ more like himself.

My Lady has been takin’ him out on a leash again cause he ain’t allowed to do no runnin’. Seems he has to stay calm and not get his heart rate up. The vet said there was a risk of him dying from a “pulmonary embolism”, which is a kind of clot from the worms a dyin’, and that would be really bad! We gotta do this for 30 days and then he has to go back. When he goes back he has to get another Immiticide shot! Then go back the next day and get another one! I can’t even imagine what kind a pain all that is gonna be! We are all so worried that if one shot was that rough on him, what two shots in a row is gonna do. That’s a whole lotta pain for him to have to go through. I don’t know how much worse it can be!

Plus, he can’t run and play for another 30 days. Then another 30 days after the second round of shots. It’s just bad ’cause he just got outta that pen we rescued him from and now can’t go out and play. As you can see from the pic above, he is the king of gatherin’ sticks! He can even hold more than one stick at a time in his mouth! But, at least he is in the house with my Lady and seems happy enough to just stay at her feet.

They say this kind of heartworm treatment is a lot safer than the ones years ago, and requires less injections. But, there is still high risk, especially when they have a heavy case. We are all a hopin’ that Seager is gonna be alright. He’s a good brother and we have a lot of fun together. All us furbabies have been a tryin’ to help take care of him. Even Sallie, who is usually cranky, cause she’s old, lets him lay his head on her. That’s a good plump pillow for sure, he he. He ought to feel real privileged 🙂

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Dawn gordon

Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

I'm so sorry to hear that any updates to post ?


Sunday 6th of March 2016

Our labrador had heartworms when we adopted her too. Thankfully, we were able to get her treated and she is heartworm negative now. It's three years later and she's still doing great. :)

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