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I’m a Teenager Now: Your Puppy at 10-12 Months!

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I got an email today from the vet people saying I am now a teenager at the ripe ole age of 10 months! Like I don’t know how old I am! Well, actually I can only kinda guess at it. But that is what they come up with when my lady first took me to the vet. In human folk time, I am now 10 months old. But, in doggie time, apparently I’m a teenager! Oh, boy!!! I think that means it’s time for some new found attitude 🙂

Actually, I have been a tryin’ it, but my lady shuts me down pretty darn quick. Maybe I’m not doin’ it quite right? That old sister Sallie sure does get snappy with me too! Like I gotta do what she says – say what? To be honest though, she is one tough cookie and I’m just a little scared not too!

They had a few more points in my email they were a talkin’ about that I thought might be important to tell ya about for my puppy friends out there.

Physical and mental development

They said if I was prone to any physical problems they might start showing up about now. But, I think I’m good! I can run with the best of ’em and I’m not feelin’ no pain so there! And, there definitely ain’t nothin’ wrong with my mind!!!

Behavior changes

Maybe I have been doing a little testin’. But, like I said – my lady don’t tolerate to awful much of it. I like to sneak and get on the bed, but it doesn’t work. Sometimes when she calls me I try to stay outside, but she just comes and gets me. A dog’s gotta try though, right?

Health and nutrition

At this age we need a good dog food for our breed and weight. Oh and we need lots of protein! Gotta keep that energy up! I don’t take no vitamins ’cause the vet hasn’t said I need ’em. I guess if I do, he’ll let me know about it.

For my puppy friends out there, if you ain’t on heartworm meds you better get yourself to the vet! Them human folk say it’s VERY important cause we could die without it! Somethin’  about those skeeters eatin’ on ya. We sure got some biggin’s here too! And then, there’s that stuff my lady puts on my back every month. She said it keeps them flea and tic critters off me. I know when I showed up here, I had a bad case of ’em and lemme tell ya – it wasn’t fun! I’ll let her put it there!

Training Tips

I guess I am catchin’ on to things. My sisters are better’n me at ’em. But they’ve been here longer. My lady helps me each day to try and learn things. I don’t get in trouble if I don’t do what she wants, but I sure like all that attention and praise when I do it right! And, she always lets me do somethin’ I know how to do before we quit a trainin’ for the day 🙂  I’m not sure on this schoolin’ stuff though – I sure would rather be playin’! Someday I’ll tell ya what all I’ve learned how to do. I think that must be a big deal to them human folk? To me the most important thing is she talks to me a lot. I think I am even startin’ to understand what she’s sayin’! Woof! Woof!


Thursday 21st of January 2016

It's funny how the dog years thing works. We have a great dane that is 6 people years, which makes her 42 dog years and I assure you she acts like a 6 year old child. Very active and loves to run!

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