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Miss Molly Shops the New Expanded Offering of Purina Pet Products at #TractorSupply

The other day I noticed us pups food supply was gettin’ on the low side. I told my Lady we needed to head to Tractor Supply Co®. Heaven forbid we run out! On the other hand, does it look like I’ve missed any meals? Ha! I didn’t think so WOOF? But, I had another motive! I had heard from my critter friends that Tractor Supply had added a new supply of Purina® products and I had been hankerin’ to try their Purina Pro Plan Savor variety! The more I thought about it, the more my mouth watered. So, nothin’ doin’, I started beggin’ my Lady with doggie sugars and puppy dog eyes to take me shoppin’ for some tasty new viddles! The best part is when she shops at Tractor Supply, I get to go too! They love us pets as much as we love them!

Miss Molly Shops for the New Expanded Offering of Purina Pet Products at #TractorSupply

Tractor Supply is a fun place to shop with lots of stuff my Lady likes to look at, but it also has a big ole section of pet products. I could dwell in there all day lookin’ at tasty food, treats, and toys WOOF! They also have baby chicks and ducks this time of year! I like to go see em, even though my Lady won’t let me touch em. Someday maybe…. Oh, back to the food! Lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya ’bout all the new Purina products bein’ offered at Tractor Supply now!

Purina logo

Here’s what my Lady says about the new Purina Product Offerings at Tractor Supply

Miss Molly was right! I, and the pups, LOVE Tractor Supply! It’s not just tractors, farm, and feed for farm animals! They offer an abundance of things, including all cat and dog food, toys, litter and other products your cat and dog need and love! Miss Molly loves roaming the aisles!

We had all heard of the new Purina additions being added to their stock and the pups were loving it! This month, Tractor Supply added several varieties of Purina Cat Chow, Fancy Feast, Kit N Kaboodle, Purina ONE Dog and Purina Pro Plan! Hip Hip Hooray! The pups love the Purina ONE and the Purina Pro Plan varieties!

Miss Molly Shops for the New Expanded Offering of Purina Pet Products at #TractorSupply

Miss Molly Goes Shopping for Purina Pro Plan at Tractor Supply

Nothing do Miss Molly but we head out for a shopping trip! She loves to pick out the food menu for the week and secretly I think she enjoys the attention. The nice folks working at Tractor Supply treat her like royalty and other customers cannot let her pass without a pet and maybe a belly rub. So, we put on a clean bandana and headed out for a fun trip!

Tractor Supply Pet Products

Once in the store, the Pet Food & Supplies section is not hard to spot! Even if it were, I think Miss Molly would sniff it out 🙂 Tractor Supply is definitely a one stop pet supply for us! From pet food, treats, toys, bowls, bedding, crates…you name it! The Tractor Supply Pet product section is big and has all your needs!

Purina Pet Products at Tractor Supply

Of course, Miss Molly was anxious to check out the new Purina dog food supply, so that is where we headed. They had an array, but it was flying off the shelves! There were a lot of shoppers that day that seemed to have the same idea we had. The new Purina varieties were definitely a hit!

Purina Pro Plan at Tractor Supply

Miss Molly roamed on down the aisle, well after stopping for petting and a belly rub on the way. To make a long story short, someone patted her pink belly and she immediately flopped over in the floor for a belly rub. It was hilarious! After her belly rub and mind back on her mission, she headed straight to what she was hoping for – Purina Pro Plan!

Purina Pro Plan now available at Tractor Supply

Here it is Mom! I want Purina Pro Plan Savor! Just what I was hankerin’ for!

Miss Molly Locates her Purina Pro Plan Kibble!

She found exactly what she wanted on the menu – Purina Pro Plan Savor! A HUGE smile lit her face up and she wasn’t moving until it was in the buggy (as we call it here in the South – yep, we talk weird) 🙂

Purina Pro Plan now available at Tractor Supply

Oh goodie, Mom! You mean they have all kinds here now? Chicken? Beef? Lamb?

But wait! When I told her there looked to be different choices like Beef, Chicken, Lamb, etc. she had to study for a few minutes before deciding.

Purina Pro Plan Savor now available at Tractor Supply

She finally settled on the Purina Pro Plan Savor in the chicken. All the pups LOVE chicken and she thought that would satisfy everyone since she was in charge of picking for them too.

Purina Pro Plan kibble and canned dog food now availble at Tractor Supply

Purina Pro Plan Canned Varieties too!

But then, she reminded me that we needed canned food too. The senior girls get a supplemental feeding in the afternoons of canned food and all the pups get a little canned food as a topper on their dry kibble at night. It gives them a little different texture and a tasty treat each night.

Purina Pro Plan Savor Kibble and Purina Pro Plan Canned Dog Food now avilable at Tractor Supply

She picked out the Purina Pro Plan Focus canned food in Beef & Rice and Salmon & Rice for sensitive tummies for the older girls. Then, she chose Chicken Slices & Gravy for her and the pack to try.

We added a few cans to the buggy, then Miss Molly was looking longingly down the aisle.

Purina Pro Plan at Tractor Supply with Heeler-Pit Mix

With the shopping done, and I knew she would not forget, she was ready to visit with the baby chicks and ducks.

Purina Pro Plan Savor in cart at Tractor Supply

We headed over to where they are usually set up for a quick peek. Unfortunately, our store didn’t have the baby chicks in yet, but we were able to see the baby ducklings and they were adorable!

Miss Molly is a Star Attraction!

It took a while (A LONG WHILE) because Miss Molly, in true typical star form, attracted quite a crowd! Other folks in the Tractor Supply store was lining up for a chance to pet, rub, and get a doggie smooch! She never meets a stranger and loves on everyone. In return, they gush over her and she eats up the attention! Did I mention that is why she loves Tractor Supply?! All I could do was stand back, shake my head, and let her have her stardom!

Pit-Heeler Mix gets a treat at checkout in Tractor Supply

Finally, we made our way to the checkout and her royal treatment continued there! She got a big jerky treat, as she said goodbye to the clerk. Then, to her delight, he gave her one for the road! It’s no wonder Miss Molly loves Tractor Supply! I love Tractor Supply because I can find all my pet care needs, including a HEFTY weekly supply of Purina Dog food for our pack of 7 furbabies!

In our neck of the woods, Tractor Supply is where the pets go! They absolutely love it, and who can blame them?! It is a super friendly atmosphere. At any given time, you will find neighbors shopping, friendly clerks willing to go the extra mile, and of course pets are always welcome! Not sure what else to say except it is a great place to shop, take your pet, enjoy neighbors, and do your shopping! You can even make new friends! Believe me! Pets are like magnets for making new friends!

Shopping for your pets at Tractor Supply just got better! They’ll now be carrying more of your favorite Purina products, so you can make it a one stop shop! So, spruce up your pet and head on down to your local Tractor Supply to check out the new offerings! I’m sure your pet will have a super fun outing and enjoy choosing their menu for the week! Which new products do you think your pets will choose?

Shannon Holmes

Monday 17th of February 2020

I don't think I have ever shopped in this store. We have Southern States here.

ellen beck

Friday 18th of August 2017

I really like TSC. The one in our town is nice and the people who work there very knowledgeable. I have been using Purina for many years and have always had pets who lived very long lives. Purina is good nutrition all around. It looks like you had a good time at the store.


Monday 8th of May 2017

I'd never heard of Tractor Supply before, but it looks incredible! I looked at their store locator (map), and there are a number of locations around us-- but rather far away, unfortunately. I hope to keep in this store in mind, should we ever be on a road trip! I think it would be fun to stop in for a visit. :)

Sue Mullaney

Monday 1st of May 2017

There's a Tractor Supply store in El Cajon, CA, which is not too far from me; I'll have to check it out!

Shelley P

Sunday 30th of April 2017

Sounds like a great place to shop for the dogs! Unfortunately we don't have a Tractor Supply in our area :(

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