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Mother Dog Moving Her Puppies

Puppies, Mother Dog Moving Her Puppies

Why is the Mother Dog Moving her Puppies?

Well, it seems our Little Girl Mary decided to pick up an move yesterday. It was one of the coldest days possible, with all the sleetin’ and snowin’. I’m startin’ to think she ain’t the sharpest tack in the box! I mean after all, she had it made. Plenty of food and water, plus a nice warm place for her the youngin’s!

Well, when my Lady checked on ’em to feed ’em yesterday mornin’, there were only 5 pups out there. Little Miss Mary was nowhere to be seen. Since the pups are eatin’ some soft food now, she went ahead and left it for ’em. She watched all day for Little Miss Mary. Finally, late this yesterday afternoon she showed up. By the time my Lady could get a coat and her boots on, Little Miss Mary had a pup in her mouth and was headin’ down the road with it!!!

My Lady came back in and grabbed her car keys to catch up with her. By this time, Little Miss Mary was nowhere to be seen 🙁 Last seen, she was quite a ways up the road. By this time the sleet was a really comin’ down. Oh, man – what a mess!

My Lady came back inside and waited a bit, but then made the decision to bring the final four pups in the house. It’s a good thing too! They were a shiverin’ and shackin’ from the cold. It was a choice of waitin’ to see if Little Miss Mary came back for ’em or bring ’em in where it was warm. Little Miss Mary never did show back up. There was no way she could be in two places at one time. Why oh why, of all days did she decide to move her whole family somewhere else? We do know dogs will move their baby puppies if they think they are in danger.

For the past week or so, she has been out there a barkin’ all night long. My Man would go look around, but he could never see nothin’. We know a mother dog will move her baby puppies if she feels unsafe or threatened. It’s a way of protectin’ ’em from predators. So, something must a been goin’ on out there. We don’t know what it was that spooked her or why she up and decided to move. She was in an enclosed shed, full of hay and a warm dog house too. We wonder if those coyotes have ventured closer to the house.


Here’s a pic of all of ’em together eatin’ their mush food, as I call it. Seems, she took most of the black uns and left the tan uns except for one little black one with a white star on his chest. We are so worried about them other ones! It was really a cold night last night with all the sleet and snow. We don’t know if they were warm and dry or not 🙁 We had to give up the search last night cause of the dark, but have been tryin’ again all day today.

Meanwhile, my Lady has the last four pups in a giant box in the kitchen. They sure are noisy little things! But, once she feeds ’em they quite down a bit and then sleep. I didn’t get a chance to see ’em when they were out in the shed. My Lady wouldn’t let me in there! Now, I like just hangin’ my head over the box and just lookin’ at ’em! They are all wiggly and squirmy and they all look back up at me.  I licked one of ’ems face to clean it up a bit. They are some cute little boogers!

Maggie don’t seem to care one way or the other. Seager don’t either. Sallie came up and sniffed one, then turned away and went to the bedroom. I think she thinks “oh no, here we go again”! She has went through all of us others bein’ pups. Somehow, I don’t think she cares for it much!

I guess we will see how this is gonna go. They are 4 weeks old now and eatin’ soft food. They can drink water too. My Lady had some puppy milk and some pet milk that she is usin’ to moisten the food. She raised Sallie on a bottle from 2 weeks old, so I guess it will all work out. I hope they stop all that cryin’ though. But, I can understand. I think they are missin’ their momma, brothers and sisters 🙁 All we know is, with all this cold weather and sleet, our mother dog moving her puppies was a bad idea!

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