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My Friends, the Stray Dogs, Could Use Your Help!


stray dogs

The stray dogs are a little camera shy so it’s hard to get a really good picture. Even though the German Shepherd is pretty skinny, we call him “Big Boy”.

stray dogs

The little Labs are pretty skinny also, but shiny and black. We call them “Little Mama and Baby Boy”.

stray dogs

“Big Boy” has the saddest eyes and loves to be petted!

As winter comes on, my friends, the stray dogs, my Lady is a helpin’ are facing a long cold hard time! There are three of them: a German Shepherd and two lab looking ones – a mama dog and a puppy. There were more of them, but the other stray dogs have disappeared. Anyway, I told y’all a while back how my Lady felt sorry for ’em and had started feedin’ ’em. She said she just couldn’t stand the thought of ’em being out there hungry. Well, her and my Man, have been buying extra food for ’em. For a while, they would carry the food out to the back of the property for ’em so we couldn’t reach ’em. We aren’t allowed to play with ’em cause my Lady says they have fleas. I remember them little itchin’ critters, from when I was lost before my Lady took me in. I sure don’t want no more of ’em.

Now it is gettin’ colder outside, and the colder it gets, the closer she lets ’em come, tryin’ to keep ’em warm. Now the stray dogs are comfortably planted on pillows and blankets, no less, under the carport! When she fixed it up for ’em, they seem to understand what it was, cause all three of ’em plopped right down on top of ’em!

Now, I am a wonderin’ like everyone else, just how long before they are moved into the house!! I hear ’em a talkin’ bout it. My Lady says four of us is enough, but then starts sayin’ how sorry she feels for ’em. She talks about how much it cost and I guess us four is costin’ a plenty, seein’ as to how we have all been sickly here lately. Poor Seager is still in his heartworm treatment. In two weeks, he goes back for his last injections. Then, I’m a hopin’ them heartworms ‘ll be outta there!

Back to the stray dogs! My Lady says that the German Shepherd and the little mama dog, more than likely, have heartworms on top of their fleas cause they have been runnin’ loose outside since way back in early spring. I understand this ‘ll make it hard to find ’em a home 🙁 I’m just tryin’ to be honest with ya. Other than that, they just need a good bath, good food, and a checkin’ over by them vet people. Most important though, they need someone to love ’em and give ’em a chance.

We just don’t know what else to do! We are in a rural area where no one will help. We have tried the City, the Sheriff, the County Judge – all say it isn’t their problem. The shelters are full and over flowin’, so we can’t take them there. So, what is left besides lettin’ ’em fend for themselves or try and help ’em! I just keep rememberin’ – I was one of ’em once! I was just lucky when my Lady took me in and got me all better. All my sisters and brother were in that shape once too, some worse than others! But my Lady says she can only take care of so many. I mean lets get real here! There are four of us pretty big furbabies plus my Lady and Man, all in a small house! Meanwhile, the strays are a likin’ my Lady a little too much! But, the truth is, we are just plain out of room!

Problem is – these three furbabies is just a ‘spit in the bucket’, compared to the overall problem of stray dogs. It’s gonna take more than one or two people to solve this problem. I think my Lady is on a mission to try an help ’em! But, Lord, don’t let her go in that shelter! She would be like “get a bus”! They are all going with me! In all seriousness, my Lady and me are gonna try and get the word out for ’em.

Stray dogs in need – do you have room in your heart and home?

Right now, we are searchin’ for someone with a big kind heart that can help one, two or all three of these sweet furbabies out that are in bad need! Even though they are stray dogs, they are sweet, people friendly, and animal friendly. They even get along with the neighborhood cats! They just need a good forever home and someone to love ’em. If someone would just give ’em a chance, they would make someone a good best friend!

If there is any way you can help ’em out, or any ideas of how to help ’em, just hit that little contact button at the top of the page. My Lady and me would sure love to hear from ya!

Kelly Hanley

Friday 5th of October 2018

Awe I hope someone took this poor dog!

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