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Natural Paws Earoma Therapy Review & Giveaway!

My lady got us furkids some new ear cleanser the other day from Natural Paws. I like it a lot better than our old kind! It feels a little funny when she sprays it, but it sure beats that stuff she squirts in my ears! That old kind makes ya shake your head so hard your jaws flop! The Natural Paws Earoma Therapy ain’t near that bad. I still shook my head a bit, but at least I didn’t feel like she sunk me under water WOOF!

Natural Paws Earoma Therapy

My Lady says it’s natural and organic. Now I’m not sure what that means, but she seems to think it’s best. All I know is it makes my ears feel good and it smells right nice! A nice bath and my ears all cleaned up makes me feel mighty fine! I may be redneck, but ain’t no girl wants dirty icky ears! I bet your furkids would like it too, so I’m gonna let my Lady tell ya all about it.

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Natural Paws Earoma Therapy

With my seven furbabies, we have ears of all sizes and shapes. There are big ears, little ears, floppy ears and ears that stand up. Of course they all need their ears cleaned out on a regular basis, but a couple of the furbabies need theirs cleaned more than the others. For some reason Maggie has a problem with producing a lot of oil and wax in her ears. Seager has trouble with his itchy ears. His aren’t infections, but if his gets dirty he paws at them.

A few weeks ago, I received a chance to try Natural Paws Earoma Therapy pet ear cleaner. What’s different about the Earoma Therapy is that it’s in a pump spray bottle. It’s not poured into the ear but sprayed in short burst. I was excited to try it and see if it was easier to use than what I have been using!

The Natural Paws Earoma Therapy is veterinary recommended and has natural and organic ingredients. It’s alcohol free, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and is non toxic. The Earoma Therapy helps dissolve earwax, gently cleanses, soothes and disinfects the ears. I must say it leaves them smelling clean and fresh too!

Natural Paws Earoma Therapy

We gathered some cotton balls, along with the Natural Paws Earoma Therapy before starting. Then, we applied the Natural Paws Earoma Therapy directly in the ear 2-3 inches away from the canal. Two to five pumps is sufficient. We closed the ear up and massaged gently. This loosens the dirt and debris. We then allowed them to shake their head if they wanted. We finished up by wiping with cotton balls.

The Natural Paws Earoma Therapy is great to use after bathing or swimming. Also, dogs with long ears seem to have a lot of trouble with ear infections. The Earoma Therapy is great for them! You can use it weekly, or if you have a furbaby like mine that produces excessive oil and wax, it can be used more often to keep the ears clean.

Natural Paws Earoma Therapy

Seager doesn’t mind getting his ears cleaned. I think he prefers it to having dirty ears! He, along with all the furbabies, accepted the Natural Paws Earoma Therapy without any trouble. A few quick sprays, a rub and wipe and he was clean and ready to go! His ears smelled nice and fresh and he was happy. Maggie and the rest of the pack doesn’t mind the spray from the Natural Paws Eraoma Therpy either. We have a house full of clean ears! They are all fresh smelling and pretty pink now!

Here’s a short clip from Natural Paws I thought you would enjoy!

The furbabies, and I, are really enjoying the Natural Paws Earoma Therapy. It works great in cleaning their ears and leaves them smelling nice and fresh. It’s easy to use and doesn’t cause a big mess like the pour in kind. I will mention that Sallie, our senior girl, had a slight issue with the spraying action. In which case, we just took the top of and dropped a few drops in her ears. It worked out perfectly!

Purchase it!

You can purchase Natural Paws Earoma Therapy online. Natural Paws also offers natural products for hot spot relief, licking and chewing habits, cracked noses, seasonal allergies and more! Their products are veterinary recommended anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial!

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I was provided with the product above from Natural Paws. Natural Paws will provide the prize to our winner. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions stated here are 100% my own.

Mary Helene

Sunday 29th of December 2013

Kelly is not fond of ear cleaning but knows she will get a snack when the job is done.

liz l

Saturday 28th of December 2013

Mine do not like when people clean their ears

Ashley Fryer

Friday 27th of December 2013

I don't know how much my dogs like it, but I like them being clean.


Friday 27th of December 2013

Noooo my poodle can not stand it but I do my best ..he has ear troubles and I have had to get meds from the vet a couple of times .

Nancy Cargil

Friday 27th of December 2013

Yes all of 4 of my dogs get their ears cleaned and don't seem to mind it! :)

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