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Nifti SafeLatch Leashes Helps Keep Your Dog Safe! #Petpalooza2

A while back, my Lady took my brother and sister to vet. It’s not an unusual happening at our house. With 7 of us, someone is always havin’ to go see the Lady in the white coat. We have to get our regular checkups and it seems someone always has an ailment. What is unusual is that my Lady came home in a tizzy! It seems Maggie decided she didn’t want to see the vet lady that day and broke her leash! It was a crazy happenin’ that scared the daylights out of my Lady WOOF! That is why now we only have Nifti SafeLatch leashes at our house!

Nifti SafeLatch Leashes

Lemme me fetch my Lady to tell ya about the Nifti SafeLatch leashes and why they are so pawsome. After all, I’m just a dog and I behave myself – unlike our Houdini girl, Maggie, WOOF!

Here’s what my Lady says about the Nifti SafeLatch Leashes

When it comes to my furbabies, I think you all know how I feel. If not, quite simply put, they are my world! I may have a full pack of 7, but I love each and every one of them. As a fur Mom, it is my duty to always make sure they are safe, well, happy, and cared for. In doing this, it means regular visits to the vet and, of course, special trips out and about just so they can see different sights.

Well, anyone with a pooch will tell you that you need a great leash, right? It is especially important when it comes to giant breed dogs like I have. A simply mishap can bring terror in a heartbeat – like it did with my Maggie! This is one of the many reasons I am loving the Nifti SafeLatch Leashes!

That one harrowing event made me realize that something I took for granted could lead to serious, and deadly, consequences! But, before I tell you about the scary happening, let me first introduce you to Nifti SafeLatch and how they came about.

About Nifti SafeLatch

While breeding and training Rottweiler’s, the folks at Nifti SafeLatch were endlessly connecting and releasing leashes on their dogs. Bolt snap clasps dog leashes were always a challenge to operate and hard on their fingers. They knew that there had to be a better, safer and simpler way to secure our dogs. They realized that such a dog leash did not exist and they set out to create their own.

They envisioned a quality, robust, fun and safe dog leash that would connect quickly and be fun, simple and easy to use. From a rough sketch to the end product resulted in Nifti SafeLatch™ Pet Safety Leash that provides life-saving benefits for pets and is also the first bolt snap latch that automatically connects to the metal D-ring on a dog’s collar or harness.

Maggie’s Houdini Escape

Maggie is a big girl! Well, one day while taking her and her sister to the vet for their routine checkup, she took a wild notion she did not want to go in that day. Handling two large dogs over 100 pounds is never an easy feat, regardless. But, when one decides to go in the opposite direction, chaos happens.

On this particular day, Maggie was straining on the leash and then suddenly she was off and running! I was holding the leash in my hand, but there she was sprinting across the parking lot – full steam ahead! My heart was immediately in my throat! The vet office is right off a busy highway and I cannot tell you all the visions that were flashing through my mind!

Regaining a little sense to myself, I finally put her sister back into the car and went after her. I squatted down and called her name. Luckily, she came immediately to me and the relief was a bit overwhelming! Thankfully, that mishap ended well, but it very well could have ended in a horrifying disaster!

Why we chose Nifti SafeLatch Leashes

For starters, do you see the size of that metal clasp? The Nifti SafeLatch leashes are HEAVY DUTY! In my world of large breed dogs, I need heavy duty and strong! The Nifti SafeLatch leashes have been independently pull force tested to exceeded 660 lbs! All of my dogs, with the exception of one little pipsqueak, weigh in between 100 – 132 pounds, so this sounded awesome to me!

The Nifti SafeLatch leaches also sports a bolt snap lock, which helps avoid accidental release.

Beyond safety, with the strength of the clasp, I love how they magnetically connect to metal D-ring! All you have to do is press the thumb shaped lever, get close to the D-ring, and it automatically grabs hold. This is extremely helpful when you have a dog with a lot of fur!

Ozzy is the largest of my dogs, currently weighing in at 132 pounds. Believe me! When he wants to put all that muscle behind his pulling power, he can! I am happy to know that I have a Nifti SafeLatch in my corner!

While he is mostly glued to my side and calm, wherever I want to take him, it never hurts to be prepared. Remember, I thought I had Maggie secured too, until the day she had a different opinion of wanting to see the vet – EEK!

Nifti SafeLatch Leashes features in a nutshell:

  • Magnetically connects to metal D-ring.
  • Safe & easy to use thumb shape level.
  • Bolt Snap locks in place for pet’s safety.
  • Helps avoid accidental release.
  • Independent pull force test exceeded 660 lbs.
  • Magnet secures metal D-ring to latch.
  • Fun, convenient & easy to use.

The Nifti SafeLatch leashes come in fun bright colors, such as: Neon Pink, Black, Red, Royal Blue, and Neon Orange. The leashes are 6 feet long and have a convenient metal D-ring at the handle for carrying doggy bags, keys, etc.

Want to try a Nifti SafeLatch leash for yourself? I highly recommend them! Head over and visit Nifti SafeLatch and order now to receive 25% off at checkout and FREE USPS first-class shipping (continental U.S. only)! Use promo code MISSMOLLY25 to grab your discount! Which fun color will you choose?

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Cathy Jarolin

Saturday 3rd of June 2017

This really is an awesome Latch. At least you know you won't have to go chasing one of your fur Babies again. Thank God Maggie came to you. She is such a pretty Good Girl~

belinda bell

Monday 29th of May 2017

I would love to have one of these. I would feel safer with her on one of them


Monday 29th of May 2017

That looks like a pretty awesome leash to have.

Linda Szymoniak

Monday 29th of May 2017

We've had dogs forever, and I can't even count the number of leashes we've had issues with. Of course, in a couple of the cases it was because one of the dogs chewed on the leash, but I have had the metal hook break. Nothing is scarier than having a dog get loose - especially when you are away from home with them. These leashes sound great, and I really love the colors!

natalie nichols

Wednesday 24th of May 2017

I need to get a Safe Latch! She is a really beautiful dog, by the way.

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