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Our New Cartoon Picture!

Check us out!!! We’ve been a posin’ so we could get us a cartoon picture made! We wanted to be in the cartoons and my Lady made it happen for us! We are all excited about it!

Cartoon Picture

I’ll introduce everyone again for ya.

Startin’ in the front on the left: There’s Maggie lookin’ all prim and proper, except for she stuck her tongue out at painter Woof Woof! Then Little Bit down there sittin’ stiller than I have ever saw her sit. She’s like a little ole jack rabbit dartin’ here and there most of the time. Seager’s tryin’ to look all mean and gruff, but his sweetness is a showin’ through with that silly grin Woof! Woof! Sallie’s beside him lookin’ at him.

On the back row: There I am behind Seager and Sallie, cockin’ my head a tryin’ to hear what Sallie is tellin’ Seager. She’s a tellin’ him to give up the act and behave, it ain’t workin’ nohow! She’s ready to get this over with and go back to nappin’.

The pups, Ozzy and Brandi are in the back, bein’ good and posin’ like they s’pose to. Yep, them little boogers have gotten big! How’d they do that? My Lady use to carry one in each hand and now they’re bigger than I am! At 5 months old they are as big as Maggie at 2 years old! My Lady needs to cut back on them viddles or they gonna be giants!

First a blog and now we’re in a cartoon picture! We’re feelin’ real special over here! My Lady sure does spoil us 🙂

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