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Pet Parent WANTED for Redneck Country Girl #BestDogEver

I’m gonna brag a little here and say – I am one of the best dogs ever! No, really! I’m not exaggertin’! I know I’m not be the purdiest tail wagger out there, but I’m full of love! I found my perfect pet parent when I found my Lady! My Lady saw past my ugly freckles and funny colored eyes. She loves me – freckles, yellow eyes and all! I hit the jackpot and I love my Lady dearly! Thing is, all us dogs are good and can be the best dog ever! Sometimes we may need a little schoolin’, but we can all be someone’s best friend. We just need a little guidance and help from our pet parents. I’m so proud I found one of the best pet parents out there when I found my Lady!  Thing is, anyone can be a perfect pet parent. Just keep in mind, in order for us to be at OUR best, we need a few things such as love, attention, food, a nice bed, maybe some toys and exercise. Pet-Parent-WANTED-for-Redneck-Country-Girl-#BestDogEver The most important thing we need is lots of love! I promise we’ll return your love with all our heart and never let ya down! A little attention goes a long way and we’ll give ya lots of kisses for it. I’m a firm believer in a few kisses bein’ able to wipe away a bad day! Did I mention rubbin’ a nice soft belly will be relaxin’ to ya and will help ease the days troubles away? Us dogs are more than happy to help ya out with that WOOF! Pet-Parent-WANTED-for-Redneck-Country-Girl-#BestDogEver Us pets need some daily exercise. Exercise keeps us healthy and happy. I like to play fetch with balls and sticks. I also like runnin’ and rompin’ with my brothers and sisters. Sometimes I like to just check out the yard and see if anything has changed WOOF! Bein’ outside is fun! But after a day of runnin’ and playin’ ya start thinkin’ about food! Pet-Parent-WANTED-for-Redneck-Country-Girl-#BestDogEver Good food is very important! Yep, good food for sure has to be high up on that list! Ya can throw in a few treats for good measure too WOOF! But, mind ya now, it all needs to be made in the good ole USA. We don’t like that stuff that comes from that place called China! Good healthy natural dog food keeps us healthy and feelin’ good! Have you heard of Merrick? My Lady got us some Merrick Pet Food in the flavor of Grain Free Real Texas Beef + Sweet Potato. Now friends, lemme tell ya. That stuff is pawsome delicious! I s’pecially like that canned food! It’s lip smackin’ good WOOF! Merrick doesn’t use any ingredients from that China place. It’s all good and healthy and they even have grain free dog food! Merrick-logo Us pups, thrive when we’re fed quality protein and healthy fats like the ones in the Merrick Pet Food’s! They even have holistic and natural recipes! All their recipes are made to provide your dog with the best, most nutritious food they can get. And talk about variety! Merrick Pet Food has 125 dog food, cat food, and pet treat recipes – even grain free WOOF!

So, fellow pups! How do ya  go about findin’ your best pet parent?

Ask any pet parent out there and they will tell ya, they have the best dog ever! Ask the dog and they will tell ya they have the best pet parent. Every dog deserves the best pet parent possible! Don’t ya think? In this big ole world there’s a perfect pet parent for each of us! I’ve found my perfect and best pet parent ever! Pet-Parent-WANTED-for-Redneck-Country-Girl-#BestDogEver If you’re still a lookin’, this is what I would do! Get right on in there and fire up that computer. Go to the classified section. Pet-Parent-WANTED-for-Redneck-Country-Girl-#BestDogEver Check out what them other folks are writin’ in theirs and write ya up an ad. Then ya can send it right on in to one them newspaper places! Pet-Parent-WANTED-for-Redneck-Country-Girl-#BestDogEver You can even send it in to the Classified Section on the computer and look for your Best Pet Parent online! If I  hadn’t already found my perfect Pet Parent, this is what I would say in my ad. You can use it as an example WOOF!

Redneck Country Girl Lookin’ for Love and the Perfect Pet Parent

Anyone interested in a redneck country girl with freckles and big heart? I’m a fun lovin’ girl that likes to take long walks, play and give lots of kisses. I also like to sleep in and cuddle on rainy days. I love a good meal and I like sportin’ events. I’m especially fond of ball games! I promise to love and be loyal to ya always. I’ll be there when you’re sad to brighten your day, give ya lots of kisses and do all I can to please ya. I’ll be your furever girl! But wait! I’m not a sometimes, or for-a-little-while, kind of gal! I’m lookin’ for the best pet parent ever and a commitment of a furever home. If this sounds like you, please go right ahead and apply. On the other hand, if’n ya only in it for a fun fling, please don’t bother answerin’! Woof and doggie kisses – Molly!

That ought a do the trick! Send it right on in and then just sit back and wait! You’ll see I’m not storin’ to ya! Your best Pet Parent is out there! We just gotta find em! To help you be lookin’ and feelin’ your best when the perfect pet parent answers your ad, our very generous sponsor, Merrick, is offerin’ up a month’s supply of their delicious and nutritious food! WOOF!!! That coat will be shinin’ and you’ll be a fit shape to give em your best!

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This post is sponsored by Merrick and the Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Merrick Pet Care and their Best Dog Ever Campaign, but Miss Molly Says only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Merrick Pet Care, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Debbie P

Friday 28th of January 2022

She's a real cutie!


Wednesday 25th of March 2020

Nice put together recipe for this product.

April Monty

Monday 26th of December 2016

Great food for dogs made well and without all the extra additives and preservatives


Monday 1st of August 2016

We found our forever dog at a Humane Society. He was the only only yellow puppy in a mix of black. When we went to visit him, he knew our voices and would whine when he heard us. Our fellow is now turning 5 next month and he is one of the best dogs we've owned.

Heather HOward

Friday 30th of May 2014

Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing prize Pancake would just love

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