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Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review #giveaway!

My Lady has been complainin’ ’bout us gettin’ her car dirty and messed up. It has snowed and rained so long, we have lots of mud ’round here. We can’t help it if our feet are dirty! I do admit to nickin’ the seat one time when I was tryin’ to get comfortable though. I’m proud she got us a pet seat cover so we can just be happy dogs! I will let her tell ya ’bout this pet seat cover with seat anchors she got us!

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Pet Seat Cover…

I can’t even begin to count how many times a day I ask myself, out of sheer frustration, why I couldn’t have been a cat person or a goldfish person. Heck, I would have even taken a Chia pet but nope, my soul cried out to be loved by canines and a whole hoard of big hairy ones at that! The price for having the faithful loving pups is not only a house full of pet hair, but also a vehicle that has it’s fair share of pet hair, dirt smudges and rips in the seats. To minimize the tearing of seats and the muddy paw prints I’ve tried just about anything, installing pet beds, blankets, quilts, etc. but to no avail. When the dogs wiggle and move, the blankets or quilts just roll up and won’t stay put.

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review

Recently, I received a chance to review a Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws. With all the snow, rain and mud we’ve had, the opportunity couldn’t have come soon enough for this exasperated Mom of 7 furbabies! Let’s check it out!

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review

The pet seat cover is impressively thick and cushiony. It is actually padded and quilted, which makes it extra comfortable for pets and kids alike. My issues are with dirty and muddy dogs, but it would be awesome for kids coming from sports activities that may be dirty and muddy as well.

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review

It has a non-slip rubber backing and the seat part has little nubbies, which prevent the pet seat cover from sliding around.

The pet seat cover has two anchors, which secure your seat cover in place. These prevente the pet seat cover from moving around during curves and sudden stops. The anchors slide down into the crevice between the seat bottom and the back of the seat. It also has two elastic straps under the seat cover to help secure it also.

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review

The peat seat cover comes with 2 pairs of adjustable harness seat belts. These measure 2″ wide and fits most dogs and fit through a special opening to insert into the seat belt. Unfortunately most dogs does not include mine. The harness part is made for a medium sized dog. Mine are all 100+ pounds, except one little 6 pound chihuahua. The harnesses were to small for the larger dogs and to big for the little chi. However, we used our regular harnesses and attached those to the seat belt section, which unclips from the harness. It worked like a charm!

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review - Maggie standing

As you can see, Maggie is using our own harness with the seat belt attachment and can stand if she wishes. The seat belt straps just keep her in the back seat. That is worth it’s weight in gold to me! Without a seat belt strap, I have had my big lugs try to come through the opening into the front seat while I am driving. The seat belt straps holds the pets in place and leaves me free to concentrate on driving. They are also great for sudden stops in which they may get thrown forward!

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review - Maggie sitting

Do you see those paw prints?! And, this is actually on a good day! This is what the pet seat cover is protecting the seat from, along with rips and tears from those bear claws! The pet seat cover takes the abuse and leaves your car seat in perfect condition. It is also waterproof! It protects seats from wet dogs, accidents and spilled drinks from the kids. Between all the dirt, mud, pet dander and hair – the pet seat cover gets a workout! Especially for me when multiplied times 7! Cleaning the seat cover is easy! You can wipe up most issues with a damp cloth or vacuum, but when it needs a thorough cleaning, it is also machine washable. In all honesty, I have not washed mine yet as I haven’t had it long. I would say you needed to use a gentle cycle and then air dry.

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review - Maggie laying

Maggie gets comfy and is ready to ride. She is happy with the pet seat cover, as are all the other pups. Actually, I have no idea if they know there is a seat cover or not – but, Mom is happy! A happy Mom and relaxed furbabies makes for a much more enjoyable ride!

The pet seat cover has adjustable head straps, but the way my car is made, I don’t have those. My back seats fold forward and I tucked the straps in behind them.

Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors from Plush Paws #review

If you don’t want to use the harness and seat belts to keep you pets in the back seat, you can also create a barrier with the pet seat cover itself. It has head rest straps on the bottom as well. I prefer the seat belt harness because I have a two door car, but for those lucky enough to have a 4 door vehicle this is perfect! They have the freedom of the backseat, while not being able to interrupt your driving!

Finally, the fit. It fit the back seat of my medium sized car fine, even though it was a bit loose. It also worked fine in my hubby’s truck, however he drives a small Ranger truck and the fit was a little big. For those with an SUV or a larger sized car or truck, it would fit perfectly.

Check out this short informative clip featuring the Pet Seat Cover!

I, along with Miss Molly and the pack, are loving the Pet Seat Cover! They can have as much fun as they want and still not get frowned at for getting dirt in the car! The Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors can be found on Amazon.  Make your world easier, and your pets happier by getting yours today!

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Good Luck Y’all!

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Dorothy Boucher

Sunday 31st of October 2021

This pet cover seems to have more room than others I've seen and I like the fact that it has side protection for the dog. @tisonlyme143

lisa ward

Saturday 25th of April 2015

I have a dog named the seat covers

Tammy Houghtaling

Monday 20th of April 2015

this is a real neat & safe way to take your pets for a ride or to their vet appointment


Monday 20th of April 2015

I have 2 dogs and this would be great for them.

Daniel Scott

Sunday 5th of April 2015

We are on the "go" all the time. The first place I would travel too, is a day trip to one of the state parks. Our dogs, Artie and Kouga love to go hiking and camping.

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