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Petzooli Grooming Brush, Nail Clippers and Training Clicker for a Gorgeous Well Behaved Pet

Me and the pack just got through gettin’ our baths and a our mani-pedi’s. We’re all still tryin’ to dry out a bit ‘fore we get our brushin’. I sure enjoyed my bubble bath and gettin’ scrubbed up real good. Don’t get me wrong though! I might be a girl and a likin’ my spa time, but I also like goin’ outside and rollin’ in the dirt. I liked that dead frog I rolled on to, but my Lady weren’t none to pleased WOOF!

We ain’t been doin’ to much outside here lately. It’s been cold and rainin’. It’s best to stay in and nap. But, we still get to have our trainin’! I like it when I get to do tricks and learn new things. My Lady says I sure am a smart cookie! I might be smart, but I don’t know all the particulars on the pet products she uses on us. So, I best let her do the ‘splainin’.



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Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Petzooli Grooming Brush, Nail Clipper and Clicker Trainer

Anyone with pets can tell you grooming and training are on the top of the list of priorities. I like my pets to look good and I know they like feeling good. I try – with try – being the tell-tale word, to give them a good brushing at least every other day. With so many, some days get missed especially if we can’t get outside. Imagine brushing large shedding dogs in the house. Nope, don’t think so! However, I do give them a give once over with a grooming brush when they come inside from playing outdoors. When they play outside, they roll in the grass and dirt and have loose debris and hair all over them.

With my dogs, they get their nails trimmed approximately every month, give or take a few days. If their nails get to long, not only is it a danger to them, my big dogs can cut a deadly gash in you before you know what happened! So, for their sake and mine, we stay on top of the nail trims!

Then, of course, we have our daily training times. With 7 dogs to work with, and to give them each individual training time, I only spend about 10-15 minutes per dog training. Most days, it is a rerun of things they already know, but they enjoy their little space of individual time with mom and it keeps their training fresh in their mind. The younger ones are a bit like kids with that though, there are times they develop selective hearing. Some day we will get it accomplished. Until then, we just have to keep working at it.

With all the grooming and training, there is always a need for good grooming and training products. Have you heard of Petzooli? Well, Petzooli recently sent me a few of their pet products to try out and see if we liked them. Let’s check them out!


Petzooli Grooming Brush

The Petzooli Grooming Brush is made of long lasting, durable material. It has 17 vertical rows with 9 horizontal rows of bristles on a large circular base. I love the rubber no-slip grip handle and the built-in thumb stop, which keeps the brush comfortably in your hand. There is nothing worse than trying to brush your pet and the brush keep slipping out of your hand!

The Petzooli Grooming Brush is great for any breed and any type of coat, thick thin, curly, short, long or medium length. After saying that, I need to explain that I have to use a special rake on most of my pets. They have extra thick hair with an undercoat that this brush won’t penetrate. My German Shepherds have a ton of hair to get through, along with a ton coming out with each swipe of the rake! I could literally make another dog with all the hair I brush out! It honestly don’t see how they aren’t bald! However, after using the rake, the Petzooli Grooming Brush is great for getting all that loose fine hair off and smoothing them out. For Miss Molly and Little Bit which have shorter hair, this brush is a great all around brush. It also makes them look groomed and shiny!


I also love the Petzooli Grooming Brush for brushing the loose hair and dirt off of them after they have been out playing. Just a quick brush down with the grooming brush and they are welcome back inside again. The bristle are stiff enough to remove the loose hair and dirt, while being gentle enough to provide a relaxing soothing sensation for them.

My pets all love the Petzooli Grooming Brush. Not only are they getting attention, but a great rub down and a shiny smooth coat without all the loose hairs! I love how comfortable the brush is in my hand, not to mention the loose hair and dirt that I won’t have to vacuum up!


Petzooli Loop Handle Nail Cutter

Pet nail trims at my house is a chore that me, or the dogs, are not fond of. Even though most of them are pretty good about it, none of them enjoy their mani-pedi’s. With 7 dogs in line to get their nails done, it equals 28 paws with nails to deal with – YIKES! To make the job as easy and fast as possible, I need a nail trimmer that is sharp, easy to use, efficient and reliable.

The Petzooli nail trimmer has been working well for me. It is well constructed with stainless steel blades and is suitable for small dogs like my little chihuahua or large dogs (100+lbs) like the rest of my pack.

The nail trimmer has a loop handle with rubber. I like the loop handle because it helps me hold onto them. If you have a wiggle-butt like a couple of mine, it is easy to drop the nail trimmer and then you have to scrounge around to get them back. One thing to note, is I have an average sized woman’s hand and I could only fit three fingers into the loop handle. This works fine for me, even though fitting all four fingers would give more control and leverage.


The Petzooli Loop Handle Nail Trimmer has nice sharp blades that ensures a clean reliable cut. This is an advantage to me because I am working quickly and I want to make sure I get a nice clean cut the first time. You never want to leave cracked or jagged nails because they can hang on things and possibly tear the nail. If you’ve ever tried to use a nail trimmer that was dull then you know what I am talking aobut. It’s like chewing the nail and it gives you cracks or snags. No need to worry about that with the Petzooli trimmer.

Finally, some folks like to have a nail guard and some don’t. The nail trimmer from Petzooli that I tried does not have a nail guard on it. I use either one, but prefer to use one without a nail guard. For me, a nail guard gets in in the way and it’s harder for me to see what I am doing and work quickly. At this point, I have cut so many nails by now that it is a routine thing for me. But, if you are totally unsure of yourself, you may would prefer one with a guard to give you a little protection.

When finished trimming, just use the locking device to keep the sharp blades closed when not in use for safety.


 Petzooli Training Clicker

As y’all know, in my household, I have 6 large breed dogs – German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Germ Shepherd/Lab along with one lone chihuahua. I cannot stress enough how important the simple act of obedience training is! Basic obedience training can literally make a difference in life and death when dealing with dogs. Whether it be fighting among the pack, leaving something dangerous or coming when called. It can prevent them from being hurt or perhaps ran over by a car! Then, there is the fact that five of them weigh almost as much as I do! I have to be able to keep control of the pack.


I’m sure you have heard of a pet training clicker. Clicker training is a preferred method of dog training. They are used in dog training to give clear messages and precise messages to the dog. Clicker Training is a positive reinforcement training – no punishment. When used in training, it is clicked at the precise moment the dog responds to a command and then they are rewarded, it reinforces the good behavior. Your pet learns that the clicker sound is a positive thing and a reward is coming. Once they associate the sound, the sky is the limit on what they can learn! Oh, and did I mention they learn faster with clicker training? They love to learn and clicker training is very rewarding to them because they catch on so quickly. Not only are they learning, it is a bonding time for you and your pet!

My Petzooli Training Clicker is bright blue with a bright yellow wrist band. I like the wristband because I can have it available on my wrist and ready to use when needed. I also love the large size of the button! It makes it really easy to press. The Petzooli Training Clicker is a very inexpensive item that will enable you to train your pet quickly with positive reinforcement all while building a lasting bond with them.

We are enjoying all three of the Petzooli pet products! The pups, and me, are loving the grooming brush! While getting their nails cut is not on their favorite list, they haven’t complained and the nail trimmer is working great. I probably don’t even have to tell you they love their training clicker. When a click equals a treat – heck yes they like it!

Purchase Petzooli Pet Products

If you just can’t wait to see if you’ve won, you can purchase the pawsome Petzooli Grooming Brush, Petzooli Nail Trimmer and Petzooli Training Clicker on Amazon. All these products would make great gifts or stocking stuffer for pets and pet owners!


I was provided with the product above from Petzooli. Petzooli will provide the prizes to our winner. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions stated here are 100% my own.

April Monty

Monday 12th of December 2016

These would be great for my dads doggies, he has a mini schnauzer and a teacup Yorkie, there's always someone getting groomed lol

Haley Cook

Saturday 26th of September 2015

I would love to try these products on my dog.


Thursday 5th of February 2015

We're new to dog ownership. This clicker idea may be a match for us.

Jazmin W

Monday 1st of December 2014

I have 4 dogs, 2 little ones & 2 big ones.


Monday 1st of December 2014

i have two dogs

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