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Puppy Playtime | Eat My Dust!

We’ve had quite a dry spell goin’ on ’round here. It’s so dry here it looks like desert! But, my Lady says – puppies still need their puppy playtime. Them pups are just full of it! They have way more energy than even I got! I laid up under the shade tree while Brandi and Ozzy, 8 month old litter-mates, spent time playin’ chase.

Puppy Playtime | Eat My Dust!

Brandi is givin’ Ozzy a good run for his money! She’s movin’ on like lightenin’!!! But, boy oh boy, are they kickin’ up some dust! Go, Brandi Go!!! She’s tellin’ him – EAT MY DUST – you can’t catch me!!!! 🙂

They’re havin’ fun, and maybe, they’ll wear themselves out. That’s a good thing with them pups! That means they’ll nap this afternoon WOOF! But, they’re gonna be so dusty my Lady’s gonna have a fit! She’ll have to clean em up ‘fore they can go inside. But, for now, they’re havin’ quite a time!

My Lady says puppy play time is important for em. It gives em exercise and helps em burn off energy. That sounds good to me too! When I’m tryin’ to nap, they are usually down right aggravatin’! I’d just as soon em run it all off and take a nap too! Maybe, we’ll all get some peace this afternoon!

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