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Sallie’s Thyroid Check up | Storm or Calm Seas?

Sallie, Thyroid check up

Thyroid check up! Those are fightin’ words for my problem furkid sister Sallie! Well, she had another thyroid checkup just the other day. She had to see if the thyroid medicine dosage was set right yet. If you remember, I told you how she really put ’em through the ringer the last time she had to go for yearly shots and a thyroid test. Well, this time they tried somethin’ different. Actually, I think the vet was like – you are gonna do this or we ain’t a seein’ her! Woof!

The day before her thyroid check up, my Lady picked up a couple of “chill pills” from the vet’s office. My Lady had to give her one an hour or so before they went. They told her if she wasn’t tryin’ to sleep after 30 minutes, to give the second one. Well, in typical Sallie style she was still up a wanderin’ around! So, my Lady gave her the other one. It still didn’t make her sleep though! I tell ya that Sallie is one smart cookie! She knew somethin’ was up and she don’t go down easy!

Even though she was still a wanderin’, they went on to the vet with her. After gettin’ there, Sallie was a little nervous, but was actin’ a little calmer than usual. I mean good grief – after two does of doggie Valium you would think she would be in la-la land! After gettin’ into the room where they see ya at, my Lady still had to be the one put the muzzle on her. Sallie won’t let anyone else do that without a snappin’ at ’em. I can imagine they were all preparin’ for another fight with her.

They all got in place with my Lady a holdin’ her, along with a couple of girls from the vet’s office. The vet was preparin’ to draw the blood. It doesn’t help none that in order to get enough for a thyroid check up, they have to use a vein in the throat – EEK! They were all a fearin’ for the worst! But, what do ya know! Sallie acted as calm and cool as a cucumber. She was perfectly still and let ’em draw the blood! She never even growled once! WOOF! WOOF! Mark it down! Mark it down! We have found the solution to Sallie’s vet craziness!

It all seems a little silly to me. But, Sallie is really that crazy terrified. So, if that is what it takes, then that is what they’ll do. It sure did go a lot smoother. No one got scratched or bit and they got what they needed done. Just the other day, the vet’s office called with the results. They said it was still a little on the high side. So, they adjusted the dose. Now, she is down to taking only a half of that thyroid pill. She will have to get it checked again in six more weeks. I’m sure my Lady will be back gettin’ more of them pills to give before they go!

If any of y’all have this much trouble with a pet goin’ to the vet, maybe ya need to ask ’em about them “chill pills”. They sure did help with my sister 🙂

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