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Spittin’ Image of her Daddy


Cooper, the big German Shepherd stray, has been hanging around here again. Course with the human folk a feedin’ him, I don’t think he will be goin’ anywhere soon! He’s the one my brother has such a problem with and I don’t know why. He’s purty and he’s a big ole gentle giant. Seager just has an attitude problem about him 🙁 Poor Cooper, or Coop as we call him, has to stay in the mancave when Seager is outside – just so they don’t fight.

Anyway, I got somethin’ to show y’all!

Cooper is the daddy to all the pups around here! That little girl pup my Lady decided to keep (we call her Brandi) is the spittin’ image of her daddy! My Lady says she has the same sad eyes. Just look!

Cooper and Brandi

I guess Brandi was tellin’ her daddy a secret 🙂

Cooper and Brandi

Aaaaw! She gave him a sugar on the cheek before comin’ back inside. Poor Coop has to stay outside. We really need to find this sweet boy a furever home 🙁




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