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Steadfast Friends iPhone Case Review!

steadfast friends

My Lady got a nifty little cover for her iPhone the other day from Steadfast Friends. I’m not at all sure what that little gadget is, but it makes strange noises and she sure talks to it a lot. Since I’m not quite up to speed on what it is, I’m gonna let my Lady tell y’all about it.

Here’s my Lady’s Review on the Steadfast Friends iPhone Case and Temporary Tattoos:

Miss Molly is right in that I do use, and carry, my phone everywhere I go. I also love my four rescued furbabies and I am always talking about them. I welcome the chance to show off their breeds any time I get a chance! What better way to honor and show them off than with a Steadfast Friends iPhone Case!

I found these awesome iPhone 4 & 4S cases from Steadfast Friends, a family-owned company which offers gifts for pet lovers. The iPhone cases are made of a soft silicone, which protects the phone from impact and scratches and helps you to keep a firm grip on your phone.

Steadfast Friends, iPhone case

Even though I love all of my furbabies the same, I chose the German Shepherd breed for my phone case. It is a breed that is very dear and close to my heart. Once you have know a German Shepherd, you are likely not to forget them! I was very pleased when I received mine. The cases are really nice, with the silhouette etched into the silicone. The case itself is flexible enough to fit tightly, without being hard to remove. It is also not so bulky that it makes the phone hard to use. Each comes with a nice little drawstring pouch that is cute in itself! The cases are available in 23 breed silhouettes and come in three different color combinations. They can be purchased online at Steadfast Friends for $30.00 plus tax, with free shipping. I feel this was a very fair price for the product I received!

Steadfast Friends, Tattoos

In addition to iPhone cases, Steadfast Friends also offers temporary tattoos of 73 breeds in over 107 different distinctive, hand-cut silhouettes. I chose these cute temporary tattoos with the German Shepherd silhouette also. While I’m not really a tattoo person, they were fun to wear for a local dog event! They were a great conversation starter and the kids at the event really loved them! The temporary tattoos are safe, non-toxic, and easy to remove. They can be purchased online at Steadfast Friends for $10.00 a 5-pack plus tax, with free shipping.

Steadfast Friends Donates to Canine Charities with each Sale!

Now for the really cool part! In honor of dogs, Steadfast Friends donates 10% of revenue from each sale to canine charities. Customers can direct a donation resulting from their purchase to any of Steadfast Friends’ Charity Partners. My furbabies are all rescue babies in one way or another, whether adopted or a stray. I strongly believe in supporting our no-kill shelters and helping those unfortunate ones still waiting on furever homes! Shopping and purchasing something I need, while at the same time being able to donate to a canine charity is just awesome!

Steadfast Friends has made it possible to have fun shopping, honor your breed, and help those less fortunate furbabies all at the same time! Be sure and visit with Steadfast Friends online, on Facebook or on Pinterest for even more information.

Now, Miss Molly would like to say a few words –

Those look really cool! There is this one thing though – she chose a German Shepherd like my sister Maggie! What’s up with that? She could have gotten one with my breed on it! I guess seeing as to how I am one of those strays and I don’t exactly know what I am (they think pit and red heeler mix but who knows). Oh well, maybe next time…

Woof! Woof! Listen up! My Lady said we are gonna have a giveaway soon! Be sure and keep your eyes peeled for it y’all!

I was provided with the products above for review from Steadfast Friends. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions stated here are 100% my own.

Shannon Rhea

Thursday 17th of January 2013

My favorite would be Bloodhound.

Gracie @ThoseThingsILov

Thursday 17th of January 2013

As usual, no love for Cardigan Welsh Corgis ... good thing I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, too

Kristy Mueller

Thursday 17th of January 2013

My favorite breed is the Great Dane. I have a Schnoodle who is pretty awesome too.

Lily Kwan

Thursday 17th of January 2013

I love poodles!


Wednesday 16th of January 2013

Love German Shepherds and Chihuahuas!

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