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Stray Pet Awareness – $50 Petco Gift Card Giveaway!

Welcome to our

$50 Petco Gift Card Giveaway!

Petco Gift Card $50, Stray Pet Awareness

We’re bringing awareness of stray and homeless animals!

I’m here to tell ya, there are so many poor homeless creatures out there! I was one of ’em!!! They are homeless, hungry and longing for some place to call their furever home! It is not their fault they are strays! For whatever reason they ended up roaming around or stuck in the shelters to live their life in a cage.

Here’s some steps you can take in startin’ to help the stray pet problem!

1) MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL! Please spay and neuter your pets! There are multiple furbabies born each year that could have been prevented!

2) PLEASE adopt!!! Furbabies from the shelters, or strays, are the most precious and grateful pets to be found. Pets are FOREVER!!! Please consider this before you decide to get a pet! Don’t get a pet for the wrong reasons.

3) Don’t breed! There are so many furbabies in need out there that are just as smart and just as pretty! People get into breedin’ thinkin’ it will make them money – NOT TRUE! Then the furbabies end up as unwanted pets, which they turn loose adding to the problem.

4) Donate to your local shelters! Maybe you don’t have money, but shelters need other items such as newspapers, bleach, soap, etc. Call your local shelter – they’ll ya – if you just make that call! The furbabies at the shelter don’t have much at all – so please help ’em be as comfortable as possible!

I am one these strays!!!! My Lady was kind enough to take me, my sisters, and brothers in and now we’re livin’ the good life! But, for a lot of my friends – it’s just not the case! I may not be the purties tail wagger out there, but I am forever grateful and will love ’em forever!!!!

Stray furbabies are sweet and smart enough to know they have been given a second chance on life! YOUR NEXT BEST FRIEND IS WAITING!!!! Please help us spread the word about stray pet awareness!

Now, for our furbabies here safe at home – we have for one winner a

$50 Petco Gift Card

I would like to say an extra special thank you to our caring sponsor, Copy-Kids for making this promotion possible! Not only are they sponsoring our giveaway, they are donating $50 to help feed stray furbabies in need!

This Giveaway will end Monday 1/14 at midnight ET! Open to US residents only.

Entry on the Rafflecopter form below!

Good Luck Everyone!

kaye lake

Monday 14th of January 2013 is a horrible situation....

Judy Gregory

Monday 14th of January 2013

i've been working with rescues for over 20 years

Heather S

Friday 11th of January 2013

Yes it is very sad.

Tiffany Kinard

Friday 11th of January 2013

Yes,there's some areas where strays are pretty bad around here.It makes me so sad and I just cry sometimes.

ginger johnson

Friday 11th of January 2013

unfortunately I do and its sad there is so many homeless pets, remember to buy and support shelters and spay and neuter your pets.

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