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Stray Pups Long Trip to Furever Homes

Well, our sweet little stray pups that Little Momma brought into the world should be in their furever homes by now! My Lady took real good care of ’em for the first, 12 weeks of their life. It has been quite an adventure since Little Momma is the one that developed the severe mastitis. My Lady had to take the pups away from her and wean them early.

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We have been doin’ the best we could for ’em over the last few weeks. You can tell from the pic above that they haven’t missed any meals 🙂 My Lady finally got a break though! She found a lady at the the local Humane Shelter that helped us get shots and wormin’ for ’em. Then she helped us with spayin’ and neuterin’ all of ’em! We had ’em here until a couple of nights ago. Then my Lady took ’em down there to her. Arrangements had been made for someone to pick ’em up for transportin’ up North. We are so happy cuz they were all adopted before they even left here! Them little fellows had quite a long trip to make, but they were headin’ to a real furever homes!

We miss those little fellows. But, a real furever home is what we were a hopin’ for. They were sweet little things even though they aggravated me a lot! But, them stray pups will have a real home with a real family just like I got!

So, we just wanted to send a big ole holler out to ’em and let ’em know we are wishin’ you a long and happy life! We will always remember ya!!!

Before I go, just want to remind y’all to PLEASE spay and neuter your pets! And, if you’re lookin’ for a pet be sure and check out your local Humane Shelter or go lookin’ on Petfinder. All ya gotta do is type in your zip code to see pets close to you! They have lots of sweet furbabies wishin’ and waitin’ for a good furever home!


Debbie P

Friday 3rd of December 2021

I have a rescue and if I get another pet is will be a rescue also.


Thursday 5th of October 2017

These adorable pups have been well taken care of, and not surprised they found a furever home so fast! Lots of tender loving care there!

Ruth Epstein

Wednesday 30th of March 2016

Rescue for me only

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