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We Lost our Little Buddy Today

We have lost one of our stray little angels. Little Buddy, was the last stray to join our pack. He was only about 6 months old and we think it was Coop’s son. He had been comin’ around for the last little while. You may remember me tellin’ you ’bout him. We all got purdy attached to him.

Little Buddy

He was a fun and playful pup. He was smart just like the rest of the strays and he sure loved to hang out in the mancave. The mancave, as we call it ’round here, is a mini-house with air, water, etc. There are fans in there that stay on all the time for em. There is water and food always in the bowls for em too! They can eat, drink and get out of the weather and have some air blowin’ on ’em.

They usually come around late at night, for a late night meal and spend the night. Last night, Little Buddy, wasn’t with the rest of ’em. We were mighty worried somethin’ was wrong or that somethin’ done happened to him. This mornin’, our worst fears came true 🙁 Little Buddy was found on the road and had been hit by a car sometime late last night.

They laid Little Buddy to rest under a big ole tree out by the mancave, so he can stay close to his favorite place and we can still visit with him.

My Lady is purdy messed up about it. Even though he was a stray, she really loved that little pup. She says it’s never easy losin’ a pet. But, she also said he has gone on to live at Rainbow Bridge and that her Sadie is there to show him the way of things. She says by now, he is runnin’ and chasin’ them butterflies he likes so much.

Goodbye Little Buddy. You’ll be missed and remembered here.


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