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Which Dog Breed or Cat Breed is Right for You?

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Photo credit Pet Centric

Hey ya’ll, are you thinkin’ of gettin’ a new best friend? Wouldn’t you just love to have someone like me as your new best friend? Well, lemme tell ya. I found a cool site that helps ya make up your mind which breed would be best for you!

Maybe you’re lookin for a dog furbaby that’s a couch potato, like my sister Sallie, or an energetic dog furbaby, like my sister Maggie and me, or you maybe your’re lookin’ for one them there cat critters. To help ya make a decision, why not check out this neat dog breed quiz (or cat breed quiz) over at Pet Centric that helps ya do the choosin’? It’s kinda like one of them matchmaker sites for human folk and furbabies 🙂

You just answer a few little ole questions and it tells you which dog breed or cat breed would be a good fit for you and your family! I mean after all, if you get one like Maggie and me and they couldn’t run and play outside that would be a total bummer for them 🙁 You might need a different breed that likes to stay inside and doesn’t need quite so much exercise. Or, maybe ya want one to sit in your lap a lot. Obviously, my sisters and I would be totally wrong for that!

Cat furbabies are no different. Some breeds are more active than other breeds. They can also have long hair, short hair, big ears, no tail, friendly with other cats or not, and they come in lots of colors. You get the picture!

Sometimes things just don’t work out quite right when we get adopted. But, by taking a bit of time and choosing the right dog breed or cat breed for you, it would sure save a lot of trouble and headaches all around! Plus, I wouldn’t have so many friends hangin’ out at the local shelters 🙂

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