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Why Dogs Shed and What to do about it

If you’ve had a dog that sheds a lot, you know how difficult a problem this can be to control—and you also know how much it can drive you crazy. That’s because dog hair can get everywhere and on every surface, coating furniture and clothing.

But you love your dog, too—so what can you do? Turns out, there are lots of ways for your dog to be happy and well-kempt and for you to better manage shedding. First: Unless you have a particular non-shedding dog, know that getting rid of hair isn’t anything a dog is doing to irritate you. It’s a natural biological process that helps them maintain skin and hair health.

What you can do is help your dog have a healthy lifestyle and routine. That includes grooming—baths and brushing—as well as good-for-them food. Want to find more tips? This graphic can help.

Dorothy Boucher

Sunday 24th of October 2021

Thank you for this information, I love brushing out the dogs. @tisonlyme143


Thursday 24th of May 2018

Really well explained infographic. I will let my dog owner friends know. I have a cat and he sheds too

Linda Szymoniak

Sunday 20th of August 2017

We have three dogs and three cats (all rescues). To be honest, I probably worry about pet fur around the house less than many people do, but I do vacuum and broom, and of course, brush my furbabies to help keep the loose fur down. Not to mention, it helps keep their skin and fur healthy, and it's a great way to bond with my babies.

Sue E

Saturday 19th of August 2017

We brushed our dog & cat, but never really thought about the kind of brush. This is very good to know! I know our furry friends loved to get brushed and we love the less hair that they shed! We are always dust mopping for dust bunnies! I am adding lamp shades to my list now. Thank you so much for the tips! These should help for a healthy environment for ALL!

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