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PL360 Natural Cleaning Products for Pet Friendly Spring Cleaning + a Giveaway!

Spring has sprung and along with it my Lady has went into overdrive on her cleanin’. Truth be told, she has a lot of cleanin’ to do everyday. With 7 of us pups, there’s always slobber and grime on somethin’ in here! WOOF! My Lady is always a tellin’ us she likes usin’ pet friendly cleaners. Say what? Cleaners? Pet friendly? Sounds like work to me and that ain’t very friendly? Humanz sure have funny ways, but there ya are. These days, my Lady is cleanin’ with PL360 Natural Cleaning Products. I see her wipin’ and a swipin’ and I’m over here a wonderin’ why she thinks it has to be so spotless? Don’t she know it’s just gonna get dirty again? Must be a human thing WOOF! I better let her tell ya ’bout the natural plant based cleaners she’s been usin’ and gushin’ ’bout!

PL360 Natural Cleaning Products for Pet Friendly Spring Cleaning

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the PL360 Natural Cleaning Products

I believe most of you know by now that my dogs are a center of my life. They are quite simply “my babies”.  I am very diligent in their care and want them to stay healthy and happy. With that said, I am also very OCD about keeping my home clean. Well, with 7 pups running around in my home, you guessed it – there are always messes and I am always cleaning.  Did I mention how much slobber 7 dogs can produce? Yep! Big dogs equal big messes! With all the licking, drooling, and pawing there is never a dull moment here! However, when it comes to cleaning up the messes, I am very particular about the cleaning products I use, especially around my dogs. I like natural cleaning products that are safe for my pets to be around.

Do you remember the me talking about my love for PL360 grooming wipes and shampoo? Since then, I have had a chance to use a few more of their products, namely their Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes and their Multi Surface Cleaner. Can I say I have fallen in love all over again?

The PL360 Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes and the PL360 Multi Surface Cleaner are made with a powerful plant-based formula and contain NO ammonia, bleach, phosphates, phthalates or sulfates. They are also dermatologist tested and non allergenic. They are perfect to use around my furbabies and actually great for me and my allergies also! Both the cleaning wipes and the multi surface cleaner work great on dog and cat toys, small animal cages, water dishes, food bowls, countertops, stainless steel, tiles, walls and cabinets.

What Spring Cleaning Looks Like at My House

Spring cleaning is something I love to do, but my dogs make it a little harder. If you’re a pet parent, you can relate to how it feels when you clean something and five minutes later it needs cleaned again. While I don’t mind cleaning I do want to make sure what I’m cleaning is actually getting clean. How’s that for a tongue twister? Check out my spring cleaning routine to see what it looks like with so many dogs.

PL360 Natural Cleaning Products for Pet Friendly Spring Cleaning

Pick up all of the dog toys- The first step to spring cleaning in my house is by picking up all of the dog toys and taking them to the kitchen sink. With so many dogs, there are TONS of toys on the floor. When I ask the dogs for their help I get a sideways look, like “what are you talking about?” Alas, I’m left to cleaning up the toys myself.

PL360 Natural Cleaning Products for Pet Friendly Spring Cleaning

Clean off the dog toys- After I’ve picked up the dog toys, it’s time to spend some time cleaning them. You wouldn’t believe how gross dog toys can get over time. I don’t like my dogs spreading their bacteria around and by keeping their toys clean, it helps keep them healthy – not sick. I typically use the PL360 Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes to get the dirt and grime off the toys, but for the ones with a lot of grooves, it helps to spray them with the PL360 Multi Purpose Spray. Either way, the PL360 cleaning products use a plant based formula, so you aren’t applying harsh chemicals to something your pets are going to have in their mouth.

PL360 Multi Purpose Cleaner

Once all the toys are clean, I give the kitchen counter tops a spritz of the PL360 Multi Purpose cleaner and wipe them down. This takes care of any dirt or germs left by the toys on the counter top.

PL360 Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes

Wipe up the doggie areas- I don’t know about your pets, but mine like to find one spot in the house that they love. I usually have to pull up their bedding and clean underneath it. I also have a couple that still love to sleep in their crates. I mostly just give the crates a good wiping down with the PL360 Cleaning Wipes, however if it is extra dirty a spritz of the PL360 Multi Surface Cleaner will take care of it. The Multi Surface Cleaner is also great to clean walls where the pups lay up against them and leaving grubby dirty places.

Do it all over again- The best part about having dogs is that you get to rinse and repeat your spring cleaning routine about once a day 🙂 If you love your pets, though, you’ll do anything for them, so these steps aren’t a big deal. And, knowing your house and surfaces are germ free can definitely give you peace of mind.

Now that my home is spotless and smelling fresh, for a few minutes at least, the pups are demanding break time!

PL360 Natural Cleaning Products for Pet Friendly Spring Cleaning

With the house clean, I can relax and let the dogs have some running time. They are itching to run off steam with a game of fetch.

PL360 Natural Cleaning Products for Pet Friendly Spring Cleaning

While we may be taking a break and getting in some play time, the PL360 Natural Cleaning products are still on work duty! If you are a pet parent that enjoys fetch with your dog then you know how icky, slimy and dirty those balls can get EEW! Who hasn’t had to handle a slobbered up ball?

PL360 Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes

After playing fetch for only a short amount of time, the ball becomes covered in slobber and dirt. Well, I have the solution! The PL360 Cleaning Wipes are perfect to clean the ball of slobber and grime! Just pull one out and wipe up the ball – easy-peasy! It requires no rinsing and is perfectly safe! Problem solved!

PL360 Natural Cleaning Products for Pet Friendly Spring Cleaning

Except for our daily play times outside, my home is my dogs whole world. I want the air they breath in my home, and the surfaces they may decide needs a good licking, free from harmful chemicals. The PL360 natural cleaning products work amazingly and I can feel good about using them!

I encourage you to check out PL360 to see how they can help keep your home clean and your pets healthy and happy!

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PL360 natural cleaning products can be found in stores. Use the handy store locator on the PL360 website to find a location near you. 

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Veronica Morin

Wednesday 18th of May 2016

Thank you for sharing this blog post.

Holly Thomas

Wednesday 18th of May 2016

It is so important to use pet friendly cleaners because they lick their paws.

Leslie Crosbie

Tuesday 17th of May 2016

I dont have a dog a right now but I have 4 teenagers and regular cleaners give me a headache!!


Monday 16th of May 2016

Great to have a natural alternative for cleaning up dog toys.

Cheryl Chervitz

Monday 16th of May 2016

Its so great that companies are gearing toward pet friendly.

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