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About Miss Molly and the Pack

Miss Molly is our freckled dog that has a long and interesting story to tell about how she and her website came to be. Read on to learn about her beginnings!

My name is Miss Molly and I reckon I was born somewhere around September of 2011 – at least that is what the human folk tell me. Lemme tell you a bit about Miss Molly and the pack!

For myself, I may not be the purtiest tail-wagger on a leash, but my freckles sure are cute! Just ask my lady,

She seems to think I’m the purtiest pup around. It may be I have a face only a mother could love, or she may just be some crazy dog lady!

Either way, she seems to love me like her own. But, lemme’ tell ya a little secret, she ain’t really no kin to me.

About Miss Molly – my story

So, here is my story about Miss Molly and how I came to be!

You see, my lady had a Siberian furbaby girl named Sadie that died a few years ago at Christmas time of cancer.

She was 10 years old. My Lady loved that girl so much and missed her terribly!

Well, a year before that happened, my man lost his poodle furbaby Cotton from old age. He was blind, crippled and ornery as all-get-out, but my man loved him nonetheless.

As the story goes, Sadie and Cotton were both laid to rest under their favorite big ole’ shade tree in the backyard.

Each time my lady and man would visit with them, the furbabies could tell how sad their lady and man were.

That’s where my story gets kind of strange!

Somehow, I can’t seem to recall exactly how it happened, but I was conjured up from those two.

No, really!! You may not believe, but you will see!

Anyway, I think that is why I am all freckled up.

After all, it was a Siberian Husky and a white poodle.

What can you expect? WOOF!

My lady and man say I am so ugly I am cute, but that I have a wise old soul. I hope that is a good thing?

UPDATE: My Lady did one of those DNA things on me and it said I am half Heeler and half Pit Bull. So, I guess that answers that mystery WOOF!

So, lemme tell you about Miss Molly and the pack …

Anyway, them spirits were in such a hurry for me to go to the lady and man, they didn’t give me near enough directions!

Didn’t they know I was just a young pup?

All they would say was the lady and man needed me really bad.

Being the inquisitive pup I was, I messed around and got lost.

I roamed around that big ole yard and woods for what seemed like forever.

Before I knew it, I was full of tics and itchy critters! My tummy was growlin’ at me louder than the scary creatures in the woods and I was so darn tired I could have slept on my feet!

But finally, I saw the door and steps the spirits had described to me!

By then, my energy was spent and all I could do was lie down by them and wait for it to open.

Then, it happened!!!

Woof Woof! The door opened and my lady saw me.

I thought this is it! This is it! But, oh no – my hopes fell!

She tried to shoo me away.

But, the spirits had warned me this might happen and had told me to just refuse to leave.

I was scared to death, but givin’ her my best puppy eyes, I held my ground.

I hung out by them darn steps all afternoon and night.

The spirits knew what they were talkin’ about because the next day my lady took pity on me.

She grabbed me up and took me in the house.

I never saw such a flurry of activity and I’m not sure I was all that thrilled with the bath or the pickin’ of them tics, but I sure felt better when she was done!

Then she gave some right tasty food and a nice clean bowl of water.

She let me eat my fill and then showed me to a big fluffy dog bed.

I sure was hopin’ this was all real and I wasn’t just a dreamin’ as I crawled on that comfy bed and slept the sleep of the dead!

I was so exhausted that sleep is all I did for about 3 days.

After that, I remember seein’ the lady in the white coat and bein’ introduced to the pack.

To skip on, I got my energy back and nowadays, I have a whole heap of brothers and sisters to run and play with!

Lemme introduce ya to my pack!



I have a big sister named Maggie.

Maggie is a pawsome BIG German Shepherd, but she is kind of a pushover.

Don’t tell her I said that!

She is also a momma’s girl all the way.

Anywhere my Lady is, you will find her by her side!

UPDATE: My heart is truly broken. My sweet Maggie Mae passed away on July 27th, 2021.

She suffered from an inoperable tumor that was discovered too late 🙁

She will be forever in our hearts and will be resting with your sister Sallie – those two were inseparable!


I also have a sister named Sallie! My Lady calls her “Sweet Pea”.

When it comes to temperaments, Sallie is another story!

Sallie is big in a different way! She is a Rottweiler mix and she is short, old, and a bit roly-poly!

To my way of thinkin’ she is way too serious and too much on the cranky side!

She doesn’t like to be pestered, so I try and stay clear of her – most of the time.

Between you and me, she is all bark and no bite though!

My Lady says she’s cranky cause she’s gettin’ old and doesn’t feel very good.

Sallie 7-11-19 death announcement

UPDATE: It is with a broken heart that we are updating the post to say our sweet Sallie passed away in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 13th, 2019 at the age of 14.

She has gone to be with her big sister, ready to romp, run and play with no more pain.

She will be forever in our hearts.



Oh, and I have a big brother too! He’s a bit older than me and boy is he big!

He is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. He’s a fun kinda fella, but sometimes he can be grouchy at other dogs not in our pack. Not sure what that’s all about WOOF!

UPDATE: Our sweet Seager passed away on December 23rd, 2020.

He fought hard but was unable to overcome the nasty blood cancer that was spreading throughout his system. 

Seager was the sweetest most loving pup and we will miss him terribly.

He now rests peacefully and without pain with his sisters Sadie, Sallie, Maggie under the big oak tree.



Then, there is my brother Ozzy!

He is one HUGE dog! He, and my sister Brandi, were born here a year or so after I got here.

Let me show ya Brandi (his true sibling from the same litter) and then I will tell ya more!


Brandi and Ozzy are true brothers and sisters (half German Shepherd/half Lab) even though they don’t look like it!

Yep, their momma was a lab and their dad was a big German Shepherd.

Their parents were strays that showed up here and my Lady took care of em. Anyway, that’s how they came to be.

Then their momma passed away when they were 4 weeks old and we took em in.

I helped my Lady take care of them as babies.

I think we did a mighty fine job, don’t ya think?!

They grew up into BIG healthy pups!

Little Bit

Little Bit

Little Bit is my little ‘old’ sister. Yep, she is gettin’ on up there in age but she ain’t no bigger than a mite!

She is a whoppin’ 7 lb. Chihuahua.

Somebody did her a bad turn by abandonin’ her in our yard.

Poor ole girl!

Anyway, we welcomed her into the pack and all us big dogs watch out for her now. Won’t no one else mistreat her that’s fer sure! WOOF!

Rat Terrier


Poco is another little brother and he is a Rat Terrier.

He was abandoned out in the country and my Dad found him running along in a road ditch.

Poor little guy was scared to death.

I understand what he was goin’ through cause I been there myself!

These days, he is havin’ the time of his life!

He is just the right size to play with Little Bit even though he has more fun gettin’ us big pups to chase him ’round the yard WOOF!

UPDATE: Little Poco had a bad accident and lost one of his front legs. He had to have it amputated. So, these days he is our little Tripawd!


Rocky is my new Beagle brother! My Dad scooped him up off the highway after someone ran him over and just kept going GRRR!

He had both his back legs broken and some teeth knocked out 🙁 But, they did some surgeries on him and got him fixed right up.

These days, he can run with the best of us. 

Truth be known, he is a real suck-up to my Lady! He has decided he likes the cushy life and lots of pets!


I know have another brother named Cooper! My Lady rescued him when he was only 4 weeks old. Wow, was he little!

He is a red-nosed Pit Bull mix and a real sweetheart!

But, he is big now and if I can be a bit biased, he is a handsome devil too!

Something about those yellow eyes and laid-back attitude just captures your heart!


Did I mention I have a new sister too?

Well, I do and she sure is a pretty girl! Her name is Lily!

Her DNA test says she is half Doberman and half Border Collie. And, before you say anything, my Lady DID NOT wop her tail off!

We rescued her that way when she was only a wee baby!

She sure does pack a lot of energy, that one! Lordy!


And, we keep going! You know my Lady! She collects pups like most people eat tater chips WOOF!

Chaos is my new brother. He is a Pit Bull just like Cooper only he has the energy to match Lily! 

Chaos does NOT know the words slow or calm down. He is always running full-speed everywhere he goes. 

He is the same age as Cooper and Lily and those 3 spend their time running and playing. Maybe he will calm down sometime in the future!


We also got another sister named Honeybun!

She is an old Pit Bull girl and well, she wasn’t and still isn’t doing too well.

Bunny (as she is affectionately called) is 14 years old and got more medical problems than I can shake a stick at BUT she is still going even a year after they expected her to pass!

She is old but she is the sweetest girl ever!

We will love her totally with what time she has left.

White Pitbull in a red coat sitting on a porch

It is with a sad heart to say Honeybun gained her angel wings on March 14, 2022.

Even though our hearts are broken, she is now pain free and running with the pups on Rainbow Bridge.

Fly high sweet girl!

That’s our story about Miss Molly and the pack!

I know it is a long story and I still don’t really understand how it all came to pass either.

Maybe I was conjured up from the spirits.

All I know is these days life is good! Woof! Woof! 

All us pups are adopted in some sort of way or another.

Some of us were abandoned and some even mistreated before we got here.

But, now, we have a home and a family that loves us, soft beds, plenty to eat and drink, treats and get-in-my-belly homemade treats!

We have brothers and sisters to play with – life just couldn’t be better!

Meanwhile, I try to be good and do my best to stay out of trouble.

But, I know if I get into mischief, I can just give my lady and man lots of puppy kisses to make up for it and it’s all good again! If I ever meet them spirits again, I owe them a big pawsome thank ya!

Oh, and another fun thing – my Lady let me have my own blog! Yessirree!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Miss Molly and the pack AND will join us here on Miss Molly Says in our fun doggie adventures!

We’d love to have ya! WOOF!