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Serving Nutritional Natural Pet Food is Easier Than Ever! #PawNatural


When it comes to viddles ’round here, us pups sure eat good! My Lady is always sayin’ that we eat better than her! Well, heck all ya got to do is look at us to know we eat right good WOOF! My Lady is a real stickler ’bout what’s in our food. She says she wants us to stay healthy and have a long life and that starts with what we eat. So, we eat a nutritional natural pet food called Only Natural Pet®. She got real excited the other day when she found out our Only Natural Pet foods had expanded their availability to PetSmart® stores nationwide!

Serving Nutritional Natural Pet Food is Easier Than Ever! #PawNatural

I’ll be honest and tell ya I’m not sure what all that jabber is about nutritional natural pet food. All I know is what we eat taste lip smackin’ good! My Lady never has to call me twice for meal time that’s for sure! Since, I have no idea, I’ll leave that to y’all humanz. Lemme get my Lady to tell you the good news!

Here’s what my Lady says about Nutritional Natural Pet Food

My pets health is a very high priority to me. I want them to live a long happy life. And, as I have told you before the key to a healthy pet is in their food! The more natural and nutritious their food, the more nutrients they get. This, in turn, helps keep them healthy, happy, and active.  At our home, we are also firm believers in taking a more holistic approach to their health overall and using more earth friendly products around the pups. I am happy to say that Only Natural Food has the same values! Only Natural Food is made with natural, clean ingredients, sustainable business practices and human-quality products. Also important is what Only Natural Pet does NOT include in their pet food! Check out this list! And, as if that isn’t enough to be excited about, I have even more good news!

Only Natural Pet logo

SQUEAL!!! Only Natural Pet has recently expanded their availability! Yep! You heard right! Now, I can find my favorite pet food in PetSmart stores nationwide! They also have a more comprehensive assortment available at, both for dogs and cats! Only Natural Pet is backing up their mission to make healthy choices easy, and available, for you and your pet. As a fur Mom of 7 dogs, I need easy and convenient! And, when I can find our favorite Only Natural Pet dog food at our local PetSmart it definitely makes things so much easier!

Our Favorite Nutritional Natural Pet Food – Only Natural Pet

Only Natural pet Canine PowerFood

Only Natural Pet has a wide assortment of nutritional natural pet foods that address specific needs such as small breed formulas and reduced fat. It’s perfect for us because we definitely has a range of dogs here. From a tiny 7 pound Chihuahua to energetic growing large breeds. And, let’s not forget the overweight Seager and the senior girl Sallie with her added pounds.

I can find exactly what I need at my local PetSmart now! Now that Only Natural Pet foods has expanded to PetSmart stores nationwide, it makes it so much easier, and convenient, to get what I need when I run out!

Want to take a peek at a few of the pack’s favorite Only Natural Pet foods? Let’s take a look!

The Pack’s Favorite Only Natural Pet Kibble Choices

Only Natural pet Canine PowerFood with German Shepherd Lab Mix

I would say it is unanimous that all the dogs love the Only Natural Pet Wild Feast flavor of the Canine PowerFood! It is definitely Ozzy’s top pick and perfect for the energetic Shepherds and Miss Molly. This particular choice is the reason we need convenient local availability. With all these large dogs, we go through a LOT of dog food!

Only Natural Pet Small Breed PowerFood with Chihuahua dog

Little Bit is thrilled with the Small Breed Feast, down to her chinny-chin-chin hair! She is giving me the “can I please eat now Mom” look! I am lucky to get a few pics of her because usually she is super camera shy!

Only Natural Pet Small Breed PowerFood with Chihuahua dog

The small size nuggets of the Small Breed Feast Canine PowerFood are just right for her little mouth and it is made of healthy all natural ingredients. Little Bit loves the taste and it is actually the first, and should I say only, dry kibble she willing eats.

Only Natural Wholesome Homemade Stew – Grain Free Dehydrated Food

Only Natural pet Wholesome Homemade Stew

But wait! The absolute top favorite is the Whole Homemade Stew from Only Natural Pet! And, I know what you are thinking. How can a little box last with all the giant dogs I have? It is actually very economical! This nutritious stew is dehydrated vegetables and chunks of meat. All you have to do is add equal amounts of water and food for a delicious stew. It then expands to make a delicious homemade stew!

Only Natural pet Wholesome Homemade Stew with German Shepherd Lab Mixes

I promise you don’t have to ring the dinner bell twice! While sometimes the pups get a treat of a full bowl of the stew, at other times I mix up a big bowl of the Wholesome Homemade stew and use it as toppers on all the bowls. Not only are they getting their nutritious Only Natural Pet dry kibble, they get the extra delicious flavor of homemade stew. By using it as a topper, it is a way for me to give them an extra tasty goodie, add texture to their meals, and make meal time more tasty for them.

German Shepherd Lab Mix

In the end, silly, happy, healthy pups are what I love! All the pups are happy and robust, with bright eyes and healthy skin and coat. I can’t ask ask for more than that! And now, Only Natural Pet and PetSmart are helping us accomplish our goal by making it easier than ever to get our nutritional natural pet food!


Only Natural Pet Now Available at PetSmart!

Now, I can find all my pups favorites of Only Natural Pet food at my local PetSmart store! While I have been doing fine ordering my dog food online, it is much more convenient to go grab it at the store. It is shameful, but I have to admit I sometimes forget to get my order placed online. It is so nice to know I can visit my local PetSmart and grab what I need! However, if you would rather order online you can find Only Natural Pet dog food or cat food online and get delivery straight to your door!

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