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10 Things Your Pets Do While You’re Away

Have y’all ever thought about the things you’re pets do while you’re away and they are alone?

Have you ever wondered if we get bored, scared, lonely, or into mischief?

Even if you’re pet has free run of the place, you probably assume they’re just resting and napping right?

It’s not too far a leap to know all pets are curious, rambunctious, playful, and can have a mischievous minds.

So what are pets really up to while you are gone?


Every pet will react a bit differently but maybe, we can ease your mind just a bit.

Here are 10 Things Your Pets Do While You’re Away:

#1. Your Pet Will Look for You

Your pet will not understand why you’ve left, or where you’ve gone. So, your pet will search for you.

Your furry friend will roam from room to room trying to find you.

Your pet doesn’t know where you are, when, or if you are coming back!

Animals don’t have a concept of time, so whether you’re gone for ten minutes or hours at a time your pet will continue to search for you.

#2. Pets Get Bored

Boredom doesn’t just affect humans. Pets can become under-stimulated and downright bored when alone.

Some pets sleep when they are bored, but others can become destructive!

Have you ever come home to toilet tissue strown throughout the house or the trash can turned over and spread out? Yup! And, sometimes it can be worse than that.

#3. Pets May Get Stressed

Stress and anxiety in pets can come from several causes and being alone is one of them.

Pets will have different ways of coping with being stressed out.

Stress can cause your pet to lose interest in food, grooming themselves, playfulness, and so much more.

Trainin’ your furry friend how to handle stress can help them stay calm while you are away and in other stressful situations.

Leaving a TV or radio going may help relieve stress and provide a sense of “normal” for your pet.

#4. Pets Clean and Groom Themselves

While all pets are not the perfect example of cleanliness, animals have a natural instinct to groom themselves.

Some pets can spend up to half of their day grooming themselves. Cats are one example.

#5. Pets Play

No matter what type of pet you have, most of them like to play in their own way.

Playing is a way for your pet to cope with boredom, a form of exercise, or because it’s just a fun thing to do.

Having a variety of different toys will keep your pet engaged while you are away.

Exception!!! If your pet has a tendency to eat their toys, it’s not a good idea to leave them out while you’re away and they are unsupervised!

#6. Pets Will Explore

Exploratory behavior is natural to all animals, even our furbabies.

Your pet will explore to figure out its immediate surroundings.

They like to know where the food and water supply is, along with the sleeping quarters and bathroom.

If you have a part of your home your pets normally aren’t allowed in, you can bet your pets are going to check it out while you are away 🙂

The same goes for the furniture if your pet isn’t normally allowed there, like the bed or couch, you can bet they are going to sneak a nice snooze right up in the middle of it!

#7. Pets May Have Accidents

“When you gotta go, you gotta go.” Peein’ and poopin’ is just part of life.

It’s true for humans and it’s the same for pets.
If your pet has to “go” and you’re away, a house-trained pet will try to wait.

They will hold it until their eyeballs are floating, but in the end, accidents may happen.

#8. Pets Catch Up On Rest

Animals need sleep to stay alert while they are awake.

Your pet may sleep up to a third of its life.

Some pets will be more active during the day and some are more active during the night, but your pet will sleep while you’re away.

#9. Pets Get Hungry

Although your pet won’t break out the pots and pans and cook itself a full-course meal while you are away, your pet will require food and water.

Make sure you leave enough food and water out for them for the time you’re going to be gone or alternatively, do your errands between feeding times.

#10. The Waiting Game

Your furry pal has definitely been busy while you’ve been gone, but they also miss you.

They will keep checking and looking for you.

If they hear a noise, they will excitedly investigate the sound in hopes that it’s you coming home.


Monday 18th of May 2015

I watched a short video on what pets do when you're away. It was funny, but sad. This poor dog did look around. It kept going to the door and window. It even cried.


Tuesday 19th of May 2015

I saw that same video! It was kind of cute, but I felt bad for them too :(

Diane @ Philzendia

Monday 8th of September 2014

Whoa. They do a lot. I don't have any pets so i find this to be quite interesting.

Tatanisha W

Thursday 4th of September 2014

How cute-- I'm not brave yet to leave my puppy out while we're gone. So know he does a lot of sleeping in his cage until we come home.

Carissa Pelletier

Thursday 4th of September 2014

I always thought it was interesting that our dog would sit near the door at within 30 minutes of one of us getting home from work. They just *know*!

Jana Seitzer

Thursday 4th of September 2014

I've always wondered what they do for fun!

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