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10 Weeks to #PerfectWeight with the Hill’s Pet 10 Week Turnaround Calendar

Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight 10 Week Turnaround

This past winter was a rough one! There was lots of snow and ice and we ended up just snoozin’ in the house by the fire most of the time. Well, I don’t need to tell ya that isn’t good on the waistline! But, now the weather is clearin’ up and my Lady has found us a nifty 10 Week Turnaround Calendar to help us get back to our perfect weight. We aren’t doin to bad weight wise, but the calender helps us stay on track with our eatin’ and exercise. I ‘magine it’s kinda like you humanz when y’all have a plan. My Lady laughed cause we like our exercise and she says humanz don’t like that word. Sometimes I just can’t figure it all out WOOF!

10 Weeks to #PerfectWeight with the Hill's Pet 10 Week Turnaround Calendar

We play ball a lot. Truth be known, we have enough in our pack to have our own ball team! My Lady says all that runnin’ will help us lose that dirty word – pounds – we put on while laying up in the house all winter and help us get back to our perfect weight! She wants to talk to ya today about pet weight loss and the 10 Week Turnaround plan and tell ya ’bout the FREE calender you can download!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya ’bout the 10 Week Turnaround Calender!

As I said before, it’s extremely important to keep your pet at their perfect weight. Overweight pets are prone to a couple of major diseases as well as physical issues connected to obesity. For example, overweight dogs and cats are prone to diabetes and cancer, and dogs carrying too much weight can end up with early onset arthritis as well as tendon issues. Hill’s Pet wants to help us keep our pets at their ideal weight.

Hill's Science Diet


Perfect Weight Starts With Proper Nutrition

Unless you have a pet with some sort of metabolic problem, keeping them at their ideal weight is all about calories in, calories out, and the type of calories they get. You can’t get your pet to its ideal weight if it constantly eats table food or has a double handful of treats three times a day. I limit my dogs’ treats to one morning treat and one dental chew after they’ve had their supper. Any more than that, and they start looking like chunky monkeys. In order to keep your pet at a healthy perfect weight, you need high quality food like Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight from Hill’s Pet. It’s a line of dog and cat food formulated for pet weight loss and weight maintenance.

Perfect Weight Requires Proper Exercise

Exercise is another absolute must for maintaining ideal weight in your dog or cat. Hill’s Pet wants to help you keep your pets at their ideal weight, but the food alone isn’t a magic bullet. Your pets need to be active. For dog owners, it’s just a matter of making the time. I always give my dogs outside playtime in the mornings and the afternoons. If the weather is good, afternoon play time can be quite long. On the weekends, I keep them outside as much as possible. If you are a cat parent, you’ll have to rely mostly on their diet. However, you can get them to play with toys as much as possible whenever you can. But you know cats. Their favorite activity is sleeping!

10 Weeks to #PerfectWeight with the Hill's Pet 10 Week Turnaround Calendar - Ozzy

Part of our daily routine includes running. Lots of running! The pups love to rip and roar around the yard. They have plenty of room to run to their hearts content and I love watching them do it. It’s a perfect way for them to burn off steam and calories!

10 Weeks to #PerfectWeight with the Hill's Pet 10 Week Turnaround Calendar

By the end of play time, Ozzy is looking a bit on the tuckered out side! But, you know what they say – tired dogs are good dogs! He will sleep good tonight!

10 Weeks to #PerfectWeight with the Hill's Pet 10 Week Turnaround Calendar

Perfect Weight Requires the Proper Routine

Hill’s Pet knows that you want the best for your dog or cat. They also know that a routine is important to help get the weight off your pet and make them the best that they can be. That’s where their new 10 Week Turnaround Calendar comes in.

10 Weeks to #PerfectWeight with the Hill's Pet 10 Week Turnaround Calendar

This calendar from Hill’s Pet will help you track your feeding, treats and activity habits regarding your pets. By using this calendar, you can see when and how much food your pet eats, the amount of exercise they get, and how you can change their routines to help promote their return to a healthy perfect weight. 

Hill's Science Diet

If your cat or dog is on the chunky side, I encourage you to make full use of the Hill’s Pet 10 Week Turnaround Calendar and start them on a journey of weight loss and better health. Being at their perfect weight will save you money in the long term, as well as help keep their risk of cancer, diabetes, and joint problems low.

Go ahead and print yours out today! Remember to take things slowly! This isn’t a fad diet or a race. Refer to your 10 Week Turnaround Calendar in order to remind yourself where you are in the process and that each step is an important one.

Lynne B

Tuesday 18th of September 2018

Hills really goes the extra mile by providing the calendar to help you track your progress.

Sarah L

Wednesday 21st of December 2016

Looks like a good way to get your pups in shape for the summer.


Sunday 18th of October 2015

this calendar should be a great reminder --thanks for sharing this post

amy guillaume linderman

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

this was recommended by our is really working

Liz (Woof Woof Mama)

Saturday 28th of March 2015

Ozzy looks like he had a great time! You are so right that a tired dog is a good dog!

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