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5 Tips to Making Sure Your Pet is Taken Care of before You Head out of Town

Your pet is understandably a close companion, and you may even consider a dog or cat to be a member of your family. As you prepare to leave town for a business trip or a vacation, you may feel anxious about how your pet will respond while you are away and who will care for your pet. These important steps will help you to ensure that your pet receives the care that he or she needs while you are gone.

5 Tips to Making Sure Your Pet is Taken Care of Before You Head out of Town

Research Kennels and Pet Sitters

Regardless of how long you intend to be out of town, you understandably want your pet to be properly cared for. The care that he or she will receive from different kennels or an animal hospital and pet sitters varies. While you may think that a personal pet sitter would give your pet more attention, some people feel better taking their pet to a kennel that has a solid reputation and great reviews rather than trusting an individual with the care of your pet. Spend time researching the options so that you make an informed decision.

Consider a Kennel with Cameras

While reading reviews can give you some peace of mind that your pet is being taken care of while you are away, another idea is to choose a kennel that has cameras. This feature is increasing in popularity, and there may be several kennels in your area that offer this service. With this feature, you may be able to log in and view your pet in real-time to ensure that he or she is receiving proper care and attention.

Make a Surprise Visit

Another idea is to drop by the kennel unannounced and to ask for a tour of the facility. Avoid choosing a kennel that does not allow an unscheduled tour. During your tour, pay attention to how clean the pet areas are and if the pets look nourished. It is reasonable to expect pets who are away from home and away from their owners to look sad.

Schedule a Well-Check with Your Vet

You should also request a well-check visit with your vet at least a few weeks before your departure date. Your kennel will need a copy of your pet’s vaccination records. This is also a time to refill prescriptions and to ensure that your pet is in great physical health before you leave. Your prescriptions should be provided to the kennel or pet sitter before you leave.

Bring Something from Home

Your pet may feel more comfortable when you bring something familiar from home. For example, a favorite blanket or pillow may help your pet to feel less homesick. Toys and chews are also great ideas. Ask your kennel about items that are permitted or prohibited.

The last thing that you want is for your pet to suffer in any way while you are out of town. While homesickness and loneliness are expected when they are away from you and in an unfamiliar location, you can rest assured that their needs are met when you follow these tips.

Lynne B

Monday 24th of September 2018

We've used kennels in the past. Even after researching, we found them lacking. That was before wifi. Now my SIL watches our senior pup when we go out of town.

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