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Awesome Pet Care Products Every Owner Should Have in Their Home

The uncompromising and all-consuming love we have for our pets can be one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures.

There is nothing quite like a cuddle on the sofa with your purring cat, or a long walk with your eager, devoted dog.

However, while having pets in your life is undeniably joyous, they can also be hard work.

From unruly cat claws to messy pups, our pets can really keep us on our toes!

Luckily, there are a variety of gadgets and products that make you and your pets’ lives simpler, happier, and healthier.

Awesome Pet Care Products Every Owner Should Have in Their Home

Cat Claw Cutters

Every cat owner knows the familiar sound of a sofa being shredded, a carpet being torn apart, even a curtain being pulled down.

This is because cats, just like us, have growing nails – or claws – and need to file them down from time to time.

If your contrary cat prefers ripping up your furniture to using its perfectly-good scratching post, your best option is clipping its nails.

While different cats will have various reactions to this suggestion, from placid consent to fierce opposition, if your cat allows you to clip its nails, it is extremely important to do so gently.

Only the very tip of the claw should be clipped.

It is wise to research this further and be sure to know exactly what you are doing.

And remember, declawing is never a good idea!

If you need help with clipping your cat’s nails, a  veterinarian will provide this service. Good luck!

Dog Proof Litter Boxes

If you are the proud owner of both cats and dogs, you might have noticed that despite cats’ reputation for curiosity, our dogs also have a habit of exploring places they shouldn’t be.

A problem that arises is our nosey pups have no boundaries when it comes to their feline friends’ litter boxes. 

Digging in the cats’ litter, while a delightful game for your dog, can upset the cats in your home, and of course, causes a mess you’d really rather avoid!

Whether it is a natural instinct for our dogs to want to play in the litter, or they think it’s their very own sandbox, we want to avoid punishing them for acting on this natural urge. 

Luckily, the answer is simple: invest in a dog proof litter box.

This must-have item is the perfect solution for multi-pet families; your cat can go to the bathroom in private, and you can rest easy knowing you won’t find a mess on the floor.

It’s a no-brainer!

Dog sitting with an empty bowl

Busy-Box Toys 

If your dog loves his food but wolfs it down a little too quickly, and ends up getting sick, they could benefit from a busy-box or “feeder” toy.

These rubber toys are filled with treats, and by actively moving the toy around with their nose, mouth, and paws, your dog can gradually gain access to the food.

These toys not only slow your dog’s pace of eating but will also encourage them to be active and keep them entertained.

What better treat for your dog is there than a toy that is fun, engaging, and has health benefits?!

Top tip: if you want to maintain your dog’s interest in their busy-box toy, do not make it available all of the time.

This will also help with portion control.

Smiling dog laying on a dog bed

Orthopedic Dog Bed

One of the ways we show our pets love is by buying them luxury items, like special foods, extravagant toys, and beds designed for ultimate comfort.

Whatever your dog’s specific needs, whether they have aches and pains, prefer a covered bed, or like sharing with your other pets, you can find a dog bed that fits their needs. 

For older dogs, or those with aching joints,  memory foam or orthopedic bed can alleviate a lot of their discomfort.

They are also designed to help Man’s Best Friend get in and out of bed easily and with minimum discomfort.

Let your pet age in style with these deluxe creature comforts.

Why Have A Pet If You Aren’t Going to Spoil Them?

These awesome pet care products will immeasurably enhance your pets’ lives, health, and comfort.

On top of that, you can forget about shredded sofas, cleaning up cat litter that your dog has strewn far and wide, and poorly pups who have eaten too fast or are struggling to get into bed.

We love our pets and we cannot truly be happy until they are.

Any item that helps them live their best life is a welcome treat for us too. 

A healthy pet leads to a happy home! 


Saturday 12th of February 2022

Thanks for sharing! Great list of products!

Debbie P

Saturday 12th of February 2022

Love those busy-box toys!

Blake Marchand

Saturday 12th of February 2022

Blake MarchandLooking to win this giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

Dawn Mielke

Friday 11th of February 2022

I've had a host of cats and 1 dog over my lifetime. And I found homemade toys are generally more appealing to my cats. One cat loved Yellow post it note scrunched up in a ball. Had to be yellow. Another cat took to a black and white soft ball that she played with and hid everywhere. Oh, and boxes from deliveries gain more attention than specially made cubbies. One just needs to adapt to the cat's desires.

Lauryn R

Thursday 10th of February 2022

Having a really good, orthopedic bed for your dog is a must in my opinion! They need a comfortable place to sleep, just like we need a good mattress. It is more than worth the investment to get a really nice one that they will have for a long time.

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