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Doggy Daydreams: How to Make Your Dog Healthy and Happy

As pet parents, our main concerns must always remain the health and happiness of our beloved pets. Our K-9 pals are meant to be happy. The essential elements to ensure this happiness include making sure basic needs are met, maintaining good hygiene, playing interactively, and demonstrating love.

Doggy Daydreams

Doggy Daydreams: How to Make Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Basic Needs

Our dogs’ needs are the same as ours. What do we need to survive? The food, water, and shelter that sustain us are the same needs as those of our dogs. Responsible pet parents should provide quality food, clean water, and adequate shelter. With dogs, we must remember to choose a high quality food and remain consistent with its use. Changing his food or choosing food of a low quality could give Fido some unpleasant gastrointestinal issues. Shelter must meet the needs of the climate; your dog needs a respite from summer’s heat and protection from winter’s cold. If you provide for the needs of your dog as you would the needs of your child, you’ll be well on your way to a happy pet.

Stay Clean

Another way that our dogs are like us is their preference for cleanliness. Regular grooming is a great way to keep up with your dog’s needs in terms of hygiene, but baths in between grooming sessions is essential. Bathing too often can cause dry skin for some dogs; in these cases, you might consider using a dry shampoo combined with thorough, regular brushing. Professionals, like those at Roxy’s Remedies, know that managing your dog’s skin with regular bathing helps reduce irritants too. Your dog’s situation will determine the best type of shampoo considering the wide array of types of quality shampoos available.

Playtime is Brain-time

If you have to leave your dog alone during the day, you probably have experienced acting out by your precious friend. You may have come home to shredded blinds, destroyed books, gifts left in unexpected places, or any number of other naughty expressions of unhappiness. Your dog misses you, and your dog gets bored. Make sure that you take time daily to play interactively with your pup; it’s good for you, too. You should also invest in toys that your dog enjoys to keep him or her occupied during your absences.

Express Your Love

Your dog needs validation just as you do. Give cuddles, pets, and hugs; your dog will be happier, and so will you! When life gets busy and hectic, taking care of your dog can begin to feel like a chore. Keep in mind that your pup is a member of your family, and you shouldn’t ignore your dog any more than you would your own child. Slow down; show your dog some affection. You’ll be surprised not just by how happy your pet is, but also by how less stressed you feel after some K-9 therapy.

As dog owners, we love our animals. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way of truly enjoying our pups. If your dog has recently started acting out, consider how well you have been providing the environment necessary to keep your furry pal happy. More than likely, you have been letting a few things slide; turn that around, and you’ll reap the benefits of a happy pet.


Sandy Weinstein

Sunday 10th of April 2016

i always wonder if my dogs daydreams. i know sometimes they make noises or movements when they sleep. i have read that they do as humans, when they are in the rem stages. my girls get the best of everything. they get feed better than most people. we also play alot. i leave toys and treats for them to find when i leave the house to keep them entertained. they get lots of hugs and kisses through out the day and evening. even when they are sleeping mom reaches over and hugs and kisses them. they are truly my human kids.

Emily Benzing

Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Love this, I agree with everything!!

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