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Getting into Livestock: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Animals are Well Taken Care of

If you are thinking of raising livestock for a living or just to put food on your family’s table, then you need to think about all that goes into good animal husbandry. Thinking through these different areas ahead of time will help you decide if this job is right for you. Here are some basic pointers that you will want to consider.

Getting into Livestock 4 Ways to Make Sure Your Animals are Well Taken Care of

Choosing the Right Animals

There are many different types of livestock that you can raise.

Unless you are raising animals for your own dinner table, then it is important to consider the market in your area.

You can raise pigs, sheep, goats, cows, or rabbits.

Regardless of which you choose, start with good foundation stock that has a lot of meat over its rear ends.

Then, increase the quality of your foundation herd as often as possible.

Find Enough Space

Every type of animal requires space to live and grow.

Even different species within the same type require differing amounts of space.

If you live in a hot climate, then make sure to provide shade for your animals.

All animals need a place like metal barns where they can get out of the elements.

If you are limited in space, then consider smaller animals like rabbits or chickens.

Food and Water

The type of food that your livestock needs depends on their nutrient requirements.

Some animals love to graze outside and get plenty to eat that way while others require you to feed them feed from the feed store once or twice a day.

If you are purchasing food, then make sure to buy high-quality food as your animals will grow better on it.

All animals need a ready source of water at all times.

Veterinary Care

Just like dogs and cats, livestock require veterinary care.

It is important to constantly be on the lookout for sickness in your animals.

An animal not eating for a day can be a telltale sign that there is a problem.

Of course, animals have been known to get hurt in the weirdest ways, so you may want to have your favorite vet on speed dial.

There are many different factors to keep in mind if you are going to be a livestock farmer who takes good care of their animals.

Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to purchase, raise, and sell the best animals.

Soon, you will discover that you have a wonderful reputation as a livestock farmer.

Sarah L

Saturday 6th of October 2018

I got to visit my uncle's farm when I was growing up. I would not want to do this.

Laura Darden

Friday 5th of October 2018

If we aren’t training dogs we are raising show pigs!! Plus we also have one Kentucky Prancer, as I call him, named Smoke!

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