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How Pet Owners Can Find a Good House for Multiple Animals

When moving to another home, it is important for pet owners to keep their pets’ needs in mind as well as those of the family. The house should include areas that will keep their pets happy and healthy. Here are some points to consider when shopping for your next home for your pets and you.

How Pet Owners Can Find a Good House for Multiple Animals


Your next home should be big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably, pets included. You don’t want your favorite furry friends getting underfoot when you’re entertaining or cooking a meal. Look for homes with spacious rooms, especially if you have a large dog, and side rooms where your pet can rest undisturbed when guests arrive if he or she is not in the mood to mingle. Many luxury homes offer a pet suite with a sleeping area, playroom, and bathing option for total pet care.

Pet Space

If your next home doesn’t designate part of the home as the pets’ quarters, arrange a special space for your cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, snakes, or whatever pets you have. You may want to ensure the floor is carpeted with material that can be readily cleaned if needed. Furnish the pets’ area with sleeping cushions or beds, toys, and even videos if your pet enjoys them. Of course, humans can visit anytime, but your pet will likely enjoy his or her special area, one that can be closed if necessary, during parties or with young children visiting.

Dog getting a bath

Cleaning and Grooming

You might also want to look for a home with a bathing area for your dog or other washable pets. This could be as simple as an unfinished basement with a drain, or a more organized place, like a mud room. Having a bathing and grooming room helps when pets come in from the outside on rainy or snowy days. Even indoor pets enjoy being bathed sometimes, and you can trim their fur and nails as well as groom them in their personal spa as well.

Woman sitting on mat doing yoga with her dog beside her

Exercise Area

Indoor pets enjoy outdoor exercise and fresh air just as humans do. Look for a home that offers a patio or lawn area where your pet can exercise and play. Even caged bunnies or birds might enjoy sitting outside in their cage on nice days as long as they have adequate shade, warmth, and water.

Don’t force your pet to fit into your next home without considering its well-being. Find a home that offers pet-friendly amenities like those above.

Alex Kougs

Wednesday 12th of August 2020

Stay inside and cool down with the A/C

Tony R Platz

Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Thaks for the tips we are looking to move .

Sandy Klocinski

Monday 3rd of August 2020

These sound like awesome tips! In the past, my husband and I had 2 Chows and a Chow-Collie mix and things got crowded pretty quickly.

Sarah L

Monday 3rd of August 2020

Very good points about finding a house for you and your pets.


Sunday 2nd of August 2020

These are great recommendations. I wish I would have kept these in mind when moving into my current place.

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