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How to Find the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture

Pets are our support system and best friend through our darkest days and brightest moments.

While our four-legged friends give us unconditional love, they also provide us with copious amounts of fur, slobber, and bite and scratch marks.

Though living with your four-legged friends may mean making compromises when it comes to your choice of furniture, you don’t have to sacrifice style for pet-friendliness.

Read on for the best furniture idea for pet owners.

How to Find the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture

Choose Deep and Dark Colors

When making the decision of what color furniture to get, dark and deep colors should be first on the list.

Though a lighter colored couch may look good in theory, after a few rounds with your pet’s paws, it may never be the same color again.

If you hope to save your sanity and time spent cleaning, darker upholstery colors are the best option.

These colors are dark enough to fit in with any color scheme while hiding stains and dirt from your fur baby.

Find Furniture to Match Your Pet’s Fur

Another option to consider when shopping for pet-friendly furniture is to select items that match your pet’s fur.

This is an especially good idea for pet owners that have animals that shed a lot.

Carefully color-coding your furniture to your pet will make it easier to hide any stray hair as your dog or cat sheds.

How to Find the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture

Get Easy-to-Clean Furniture

As you shop from your favorite furniture company, don’t forget to look for furniture made with easy-to-clean fabric.

Microfiber upholstery and woven fabrics are quite easy to clean fur, dirt, and other marks off of with a lint roller or damp cloth.

With this type of furniture, you’ll be able to let your pet live lavishly, knowing that any damage done is only temporary.

Repel Scratching and Chewing

If your cat or dog is still in the habit of scratching and chewing everything in sight, take this into consideration when shopping for furniture.

For cat scratching, invest in tightly woven material to repel their paws.

Likewise, metal legs on couches and coffee tables will deter your dog from grinding your furniture to bits.

Investing in pet-friendly furniture gives you the option to decorate your home according to your aesthetic without having to worry about dirty paws or excess fur.

Keep these suggestions in mind as you shop for the best furniture to outfit your home.

Debbie P

Friday 22nd of May 2020

These are excellent tips!

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