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How to Help Your Dog Adjust to You Returning to Work

Because of the recent need to stay at home, dogs have gotten used to having their owners home all day. However, you may need to get back to work soon and you’re worried about your fuzzy buddy. If you know that your dog struggles with separation anxiety, then here are some ideas to help your dog adjust to you returning to work.

How to Help Your Dog Adjust to You Returning to Work

Old Clothing

Old clothing works as an excellent way to comfort dogs while you leave the house.

Think of it this way: because you used to wear those old clothes a lot, you left your scent on them.  By leaving those clothes with your dog, you have a way to remind them of your scent.

While you may think that this will make your dog miss you, remember that dogs remember strong scents from different sources. They associate your scent with safety and comfort, so those old clothes can remind dogs of those emotions and feelings.

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Leave the Home Occasionally

Don’t start leaving for over eight hours at a time. Instead, get your dog used to having you outside of the house by leaving for an hour or so at a time. This way, your dog will get used to not having you at home when you need to return to work.

Make sure to continue increasing it by an hour or two each time you leave so that you can get your dog used to it. This will help your dog realize that you will leave regularly.

How to Help Your Dog Adjust to You Returning to Work

Dog Sitters

You can also take advantage of dog sitters to watch over your furry baby while you leave.

This will assure you that someone takes care of your dog and distracts him or her while you go to work. That way, you and your dog can feel less worried.

Depending on your dog, you should also consider dog daycare.

Many dogs love interacting with other animals, so you can give your dog that opportunity while you go to work. Just find a local dog daycare to let your dog have some fun.

Even though you need to go back to work, you can use these ideas to help your dog readjust to it.

You may want to spend all day with your dog, but you do have responsibilities to attend to. Make sure to try out these different ideas so that your dog can get used to you going back to work.

Beyond Comps

Thursday 25th of June 2020

Really useful advice!

Mia E.

Thursday 21st of May 2020

I have found that the clothing trick works well when I have to be gone with both cats and dogs. I have come home to find my cats sleeping on my old clothes.

Sarah L

Thursday 21st of May 2020

Good tips. I like the old clothes trick for comforting the dog while you're gone.

Debbie P

Wednesday 20th of May 2020

There are a lot of us who could use these tips!

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