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Make Every Day the Dog’s Day: 4 Ways to Cater to Your Retriever

Golden retrievers are truly one of the world’s greatest treasures. As pets, these dogs definitely earn their title as “man’s best friend” and deserved to be treated as amazingly as they make their owners feel. Read four creative ideas to make any retriever feel special every day.

Make Every Day the Dog's Day: 4 Ways to Cater to Your Retriever

Go for a Hike

Dogs love getting their exercise in and golden retrievers are no different. Golden retrievers are originally from the Scottish Highlands and were bred to be hunters in mountainous terrain. Since golden retrievers love everything about the outdoors, their owners need to make sure their dogs are getting their fair share of exercise on a daily basis. With regularly scheduled hikes, owners will ensure their golden retrievers are enjoying the outdoor adventures that they crave. As these dogs get more accustomed to regular hikes, owners should consider ways to keep challenging them during these hikes.

Put in a Pool

Golden retrievers can’t get enough of water. These playful pups love to swim when presented with the opportunity, especially since their water-repellent coat is ideal for swimming. Homeowners that really want to treat their golden retrievers should consider investing in a pool construction project. With a pool in the backyard, friends and family members will be able to enjoy swimming alongside the excited golden retriever.

Hydrate Their Paws

Coconut oil is just as good for hydrating dogs’ skin as it is with human’s. Dogs benefit from the hydrating properties of coconut oil just as much as their owners do. Owners of golden retrievers can use coconut oil to keep their dog’s skin from drying out or flaking. In the heat of the summer, dog’s paws tend to dry out much faster. By applying coconut oil, owners of golden retrievers will be able to keep their dog’s paws hydrated and healthy.

Treat Joint Pain

Dogs like golden retrievers often spend their puppy years running around and playing hard. While this is exactly what puppies are supposed to do, letting puppies play without treating their joint pain can result in arthritis later on in life. To make sure golden retrievers age as healthily as possible, it’s important that their owners are able to treat their joint pain with stretches, massages, medication, and natural treatments.

Retrievers deserve every good thing their owners have to give them. Treat your golden retriever like the furry little angel they are by keeping these four fun things in mind.

donna porter

Monday 15th of July 2019

My sister has a golden. Such beautiful and smart animals!

Sarah L

Tuesday 9th of July 2019

I grew up with a Golden. She was the sweetest dog ever.


Thursday 4th of July 2019

Beautiful! I love dogs!

Marisela Zuniga

Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

They are pretty dogs!!

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