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Miss Molly’s Canine Gift Giving Guide for Mother’s Day

The human holiday, Mother’s Day, is comin’ up here real soon! While my Lady is not the dog mom that had my litter, she takes very good care of me, and I want to do somethin’ for her for this Mother’s Day. You’re probably wantin’ to do the same for your human.

Since dogs don’t have jobs, well, except service dogs and bloggy-dogs, I’m gonna share some great ideas of gifts that don’t require money and will make your human mom feel special.


Miss Molly’s Canine Gift Giving Guide

Your first thought is probably of all the things you enjoy: a good roll in some stinky pile, a chewed up a pillow, raw meat, and such.  Don’t do it! Well, go ahead and do those things, but those aren’t the usual ways to make human moms happy.

Human moms love us pups and their hairless ones on two legs so much that somethin’ we make is always appreciated.  While kids can paint and write letters, us canines are missin’ a thumb. That leaves that artistic endeavor a bit more challengin’, but we can still do it. We just need to be even more creative.

Sneak a piece of paper off your human’s desk, put it on the floor, and walk on it.  Sometimes, walking on it with muddy feet is nice.  Keep the paws on the paper, just like with going potty.  She will love that you made something pretty for her.

Another good idea is to weed the garden for her.  Weedin’ is the same as diggin’ but with extra care. You dig out the plants she doesn’t like.  This means watchin’ her carefully when she’s outside. As she throws the plants she dislikes over her shoulder, give that weed a study and a sniff, then find more and dig em out.  She may not understand at first, but she will.  And she’ll be happy for the help.

Finally, be sure to give her extra cuddles, kisses, and cute faces.  Those will be her favorites!  No mom can pass up lots of love.  In fact, remember these ideas all year long. You can do special things every day, or when you make an oopsy-poo on the carpet.


Sunday 24th of May 2015

Is this a joke? It made me chuckle. You must really love animals.

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