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Molly & the Pack’s SitStay Holiday Gift Guide Wish List #SitStay

I have written this post on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for SitStay. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about SitStay , but Miss Molly Says only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

My brothers, sisters and me are gettin’ ready to see Santa Clause! I know I’ve been good! Well, sorta, kinda – at least I hope good enough! Some of us can remember last Christmas, and we’ve been tellin’ our new brothers and sisters all about the big day comin’! I’m gettin’ real excited! We’ve all been a lookin’ at the gifts for dogs from the SitStay Holiday Gift Guide and makin’ us out a wish list! WOOF! They got some real good lookin’ treats and toys! How many more days is it now????? huh???

Molly & the Packs SitStay Holiday Gift Guide Wish List #SitStay

Lemme let my Lady tell ya all about the SitStay Holiday Gift Guide!

That Miss Molly sure is a pickle isn’t she?! Well, if you don’t know, SitStay has been delivering high-quality pet products to our doorsteps since 1996. SitStay’s commitment is simple. They share products that are loved by many pets and they also introduce us to new products our pets will simply fall in love with!

I love the fact that SitStay is just like us! They don’t own their pets, their pets own them! This means the products they share are healthful, enriching and good-dog-approved! As a furbaby mom, that makes me happy too!

It’s the holidays and, of course, all good-dogs will be waiting for Santa too! I know mine, all 7, have a Christmas stocking and get presents just like everyone else! So, I would like to tell you about SitStay’s Holiday Gift Guide! Maybe I am telling my age, but as a child, I use to love to look through the Christmas Wish books! Well, Molly and the pack are enjoying getting their wish list together by gazing at all the pawsome gifts for dogs in the SitStay Holiday Gift Guide!

Miss Molly and the pack don’t know it, but one of the items already under the tree came from SitStay! Actually, Ms. Brandi, always the curious one, tried to find out!

Molly & the Packs SitStay Holiday Gift Guide Wish List #SitStay

Brandi is one of the pups and this will be her first Christmas. The tree and the presents are a big mystery, and a major curiosity to her! Well, she stole the gift bag from under the tree and took off to a back room with it.

Molly & the Packs SitStay Holiday Gift Guide Wish List #SitStay

Thankfully, I caught up with her in time. She is like “what?” I can tell it’s going to be a long wait for Christmas morning! They will all love the Tennis Balls Galore gift bag! All the furbabies love love love tennis balls and it was one of the $10 or less items from SitStay! Oh, and I didn’t know until I got them – but they squeek! They are going to go crazy over them!

Molly & the Packs SitStay Holiday Gift Guide Wish List #SitStay

Now, I am hunting a few more gifts for dogs to make their Christmas complete. The SitStay Holiday Gift Guide has a section of $10 and under items! It has everything from the Tennis Balls Galore that we have under the tree to this bright and playful DoDo Bird. They have Chewy Buddy Biscuits, a Holiday Cookie Bag, Candy Cane Bully Sticks and more! I have my eye on ordering the Candy Cane Bully Sticks because Molly really loves them!

Molly & the Packs SitStay Holiday Gift Guide Wish List #SitStay

SitStay also a $20 and under section. These bags have a few more items than the $10 and under. If your pooch likes to play fetch, there is a bag filled with fetch toys! They also have Gourmet Treats, Jerky Treats, Cuddly Gators and more! I think Maggie’s favorite will be these cute Feathered Friends! She has a toy duck, but it is getting quite worn out and frazzled.

Molly & the Packs SitStay Holiday Gift Guide Wish List #SitStay

Oh and they don’t know it, but one of their big presents will be this pawsome gift set! It’s called the “O Holy Meat Holiday Gift Set”. How cute can you get?! All my furbabies are meat lovers and I’m sure their eyes will light up at this! It comes with Thick Cut Bacon Treats, Meat Lovers Biscuit Mix, 15 – 6″ Bully Sticks, Big Ole’ Steak Squeaker Toy and the SitStay Holiday Gift Bag! I’m not sure who will be more tickled – them or me! I love spoiling my furbabies and watching the enjoyment on their faces!

Check out this cute video for Holiday Gifts for Good Dogs!

I also wanted to let you know, SitStay is offering readers of Miss Molly Says a 15% off discount! The discount code is good on anything in the Holiday Gift Guide! It’s super easy, just use coupon code “ENJOY15” at checkout for your savings! Go ahead and spoil your furbaby a bit with these pawsome treats and toys!

Do you buy your pets Christmas gifts? What are their favorites?

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