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No-Pull Dog Harnesses for Walking Nicely on a Leash

In an ideal world, the only thing that dogs would pull would be a tug toy—during a regulated game of tug-of-war, of course. And although this is certainly achievable, you’re not going to get there without training. Unfortunately, to walk nicely on a leash runs opposite to a canine’s every instinct. Whether you’re leash training a puppy from scratch or you’re trying to instill better behaviors into your grown doggo, a no-pull dog harness will help you along the way. As the name may suggest, these bad boys discourage pulling behavior in…well, bad boys.

No-Pull Dog Harnesses for Walking Nicely on a Leash

Before we go any further, please note that no-pull harnesses tend to be designed for training sessions or short walks.

For longer walks, we recommend chest plates, which will also discourage pulling. (More on those later.)

Which no-pull harness will you pick?

It will ultimately come down to your dog’s behavior and levels of strength.

Without further doggy ado, here is a breakdown of the different types of no-pull harnesses.

The OG No-Pull Harness

‘No-pull harness’ is a fairly generic term, but we’re going to focus on the No-Pull Harness (note the capitalization) from Stylish Hound today.

The No-Pull Harness is the accessory that kicked off their online store, but that’s another story.

The OG No-Pull Harness in the Newtown design.

The OG No-Pull Harness in the Newtown design. Images: Stylish Hound

The No-Pull Harness has undergone a few iterations since its inception—namely it has become more sustainable, sturdy, and easily washable.

These are all nice bonuses besides its main goal, which is to fight the oppositional reflex and to keep a dog by your side during training and daily walks.

The No-Pull Harness is available in 12 designs, both eye-catching and more neutral.

They are the most sustainable, durable, high-quality choice for teaching your dog to walk the no-pull way.

The RNT No-Pull Harness

Before we go any further, you may be wondering what ‘RNT’ stands for.

‘RNT’ stands for ‘Ruff N’ Tuff’, which may give you an idea where this is headed.

RNT No-Pull Harnesses are for doggies with a little more strength than your average hound.

This is the harness for dogs who don’t merely pull but also try to come out top-dog on the average walk.

RNT No-Pull Harness in the Newtown design.

The RNT No-Pull Harness in the Newtown design. You can tell it apart from the OG due to its blue feature. Images: Stylish Hound

What makes the RNT No-Pull Harness different from the OG?

It has martingale functions for additional no-pull support.

Martingale will gently guide the dog back to where they need to be.

If you think your dog could benefit from some additional no-pull encouragement, the RNT No-Pull Harness may be your best bet.

Like the OGs, the RNTs are available in 12 different designs and are made from durable, all-sustainable materials.

Dog chest plate

Technically, dog chest plates don’t fall under the umbrella of ‘No-Pull Harness’ at the Stylish Hound online store.

However, they do exist for ultimately the same reason: to discourage pulling.

What sets dog chest plates apart from classic no-pull harnesses?

They are designed for longer-term walks whilst no-pull harnesses are training tools for shorter sessions.

Rig your pooch up in a dog chest plate and they will be more comfortable in the long run.

The Explorer Chest Plate in the Evergreen design.

The Explorer Chest Plate in the Evergreen design. Image: Stylish Hound

What makes dog chest plates more comfortable?

They’re two layers of silky neoprene that make for a more even fit, molding to your dog’s chest.

Their straps, also made from neoprene, are padded for a more cushioned grip.

To walk the no-pull way, be sure to use the optional back attachment, which discourages pulling in harmony with the front chest attachment.

So whilst this harness doesn’t necessarily hone in on fighting the oppositional reflex, it is the best and most comfortable option for longer walks.

So, which no-pull harness could your doggy do with?

There you have it: the three best no-pull harnesses for walking nicely on a leash.

If you have a doggo-in-training, your best bet may well be the OG.

If you have a doggo-in-training with a bit of bite behind their bark—a stronger doggo who tries to walk you, rather than the other way around—then you may need to turn things up a notch with the RNT No-Pull Harness.

If your dog is not undergoing any training, you may want the Explorer Chest Plate, which is so comfy that they could wear it all day. (You could even buy one and then the other: one for training seshes and one for longer walks.)

Whatever you decide, you’ll be saving your dog from the choking hazard of walking with only a leash and collar.

Not only can harnesses correct behavior, but they can be a godsend for a dog’s trachea. But, again—that is another story.

Rose Henry

Monday 7th of February 2022

Lovely harness, Now i can go in well informed .

Molli Taylor

Sunday 6th of February 2022

my own dogs are pretty good on the leash but thiswould be helpful when I'm walking for neighbors

Debbie P

Saturday 5th of February 2022

These work really well!

Lauryn R

Saturday 5th of February 2022

Using a harness is definitely the best way to walk your dog, in my opinion. I just feel like they are a lot more comfortable, and they are safer in case they have to get pulled back or caught on something.

Marisela Zuniga

Friday 4th of February 2022

Thanks for sharing, the print is cute

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