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Pet Preference: 4 Tips for Moving Cross-Country with Dogs

When you are moving cross country, there are a lot of things to take care of in preparation for the move. You must book a removal company, pack your things and have your mail forwarded. You must also plan the travel for yourself and your family– all members of your family. If you have a dog, then you will especially want to make sure everything is ready in advance, because pets can be more difficult to accommodate than humans. Here are some tips to make your cross country move go as smoothly as possible when you are traveling with a dog.

Pet Preference, 4 Tips for Moving Cross-Country with Dogs

Pet Preference: 4 Tips for Moving Cross-Country with Dogs

Keep Your Dog Out of the Movers Way

Most moving companies, such as Klose’s Removals Pty Ltd, have personable staff who are very friendly. That being said, dogs thrive on routine. No matter how well trained he is or how gentle the moving company staff are, it can still be very upsetting to have a team of strangers entering and leaving your house. You would do your pet and the moving company staff a great service by removing the dog. A fenced in space in the yard or having a family member take him for a few hours are both great suggestions.

Research Hotels

Not every hotel is pet friendly. You should research hotels well in advance so that you can find accommodations that will welcome your pet. Be sure that you know what rules the hotel may have in place regarding pets. It would also be common courtesy before leaving to make sure that all of his shots are up to date and that he is healthy, so that he does not give an illness to someone else’s pet.

Make Sure You Have An Appropriate Carrier for Your Dog

This is where your dog is likely to spend the majority of his journey, so make sure you have a good carrier. It should be large enough for your dog to sit, stand and lay down. You should be able to secure it, also, to keep him from being jostled as you travel or thrown if you stop suddenly.

Keep the Journey as Comfortable as Possible for Him

A car journey is generally less stressful on your dog than plane travel. He can ride with you rather than as luggage, this way he does not have to be handled by strangers. And you can stop every two to three hours to give him a walk. Try to feed him a couple of hours before you travel and then not again until you arrive at your hotel so that he does not get motion sickness.

When moving cross country, you will have a lot of things to orchestrate. Making sure that your best friend is happy and well cared for is just as important as making sure that your human friends are comfortable.


Sunday 29th of April 2018

Lots to think beforehand. I think it's good to be prepared and think for your pet too. same case with cats.

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