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Pet Proofing the Kitty Litter with Door Buddy

If you’ve ever been the furparent to both a cat and dog at the same time, you may know the troubles that come along with the kitty litter. While your dog may enjoy the occasional snack from the litter box, it’s our job to protect them at all times. This means keeping them happy and healthy wherever we can!

Many turn to cat flaps and pet doors to help pet proof their cat’s litter box but these can often be expensive and require complicated installations. Another solution that works like a charm is a simple door latch. Using a door latch, like Door Buddy, can be extremely useful if you’re looking to give the cat access to their privacy but still keeping the dog out. It’s also a discreet option that won’t interfere with your home’s decor.

Before diving into how you can use Door Buddy and how it can solve your pet proofing problems, let’s take a look at the importance of protecting your cat’s space.

Pet Proofing the Kitty Litter with Door Buddy

Why You Should Give Cats Their Space

The joys of having your two pets get along can make for a happy home. However, it is possible that your dog enjoys your cat’s company a bit too much. When dogs become attached to their furry friends, this often causes problems for your cat and even the entire home too. These problems include the following:

Getting into the Cat Litter

Dogs are natural scavengers and as much as it may gross us out, they have no problem sneaking a snack from the litter box. There are many reasons for this but mainly it’s because the litter smells like your cat.

The truth is, eating these treats can cause major problems for your dog’s health and spread internal parasites across your home. Not to mention that it can disrupt their digestive system too. Then there’s the fact that your cat may become fed-up with their intruder and reject using their litter box as a result.

Creating an Unhealthy Diet

Not creating a safe space for your cat’s litter and food makes it a lot easier for your dog to eat unhealthy treats. This means that not only is your dog getting more calories but your cat is being deprived of the nutrients they need. However, both pets need to maintain a healthy diet to support them as they age and to promote a healthy system.

Increasing Stress Levels

It’s no secret that cats can be fickle and slightly nervous creatures. If they’re feeling threatened by your dog’s overbearing playfulness, they might feel the need to retreat in times of stress. Furthermore, if they are unable to enjoy the privacy of their litter box or food, they will reject it. This is why it’s important to provide your kitty with a safe place to retreat to without running into their fur-siblings.

Pet Proofing the Kitty Litter with Door Buddy

Your No-Fuss Answer to Dog Proofing! Introducing Door Buddy

Sure, there are plenty of pet proofing solutions on the market, but are any of them effective and budget-friendly? For those who are looking to make their lives easier, I’d like to introduce you to the Door Buddy. Say goodbye to expensive pet gates and that dog proof litter box that your cat never really got used to!

The Door Buddy makes dog proofing simple with its no tool installation process and owner-friendly uses. Better yet, it keeps dogs out of the rooms with the kitty litter and cat food while giving yourself and cat easy access without having to navigate a tricky pet gate or install an interior cat door.

How Does the Door Buddy Work?

With the Door Buddy, you can say goodbye to your worries and give your cat their privacy back.  This adjustable door strap won’t require you to drill into any walls or doors either, but simply uses adhesives to keep the latch in place.

To install your Door Buddy, just place the adhesive on your door and door frame then insert the hook into the latch mechanism. When you want to enter the room, all there is to do is to flip the hook up and out of the latch. Easy Peasy. For your cat, you can adjust the width of the product to suit its size – just make sure to make it big enough for your cat but small enough to keep the dog out.

Pet Proofing the Kitty Litter with Door Buddy

If you’ve got kids running around the home too, Door Buddy’s combo product comes with a door stopper. This will keep your cat’s tail, or your child’s fingers, from slamming in the door.

The good news about this product is that you won’t be required to spend a hefty amount either. Unlike other pet proofing products, these latches will cost you less than $20 but will still provide a safe and secure solution. Door Buddy’s products range from $15.94 – $18.97 based on if you only buy the latch or the full combo and can be found on Amazon too.

Debbie P

Monday 29th of June 2020

The Door Buddy would have been great when I used to have a cat.


Saturday 2nd of May 2020

What a clever idea! Many years ago my friend Sally used to have a Black Labrador who LOVED eating Sally's cat's food, even though he had plenty of his own. She had to move the cat's food dish to the top shelf in her utility room so the dog wouldn't reach it. Love this idea so much!

Shannon Holmes

Friday 21st of February 2020

This looks like an excellent product. Thanks for sharing with us.

Chris Ann

Friday 24th of January 2020

Useful info and a good alternative to the hooded cat box...


Thursday 23rd of January 2020

Good info! Thanks for sharing!

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