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Pet Shedding: How to Minimize the Effects

Whether you live with man’s best friend or a friendly kitten, you will notice many changes in your household, one of which will be increased hair and dander on most every surface. This can be particularly problematic on carpets and upholstery where fur and dander can work their way into the fibers, creating allergies for many people. If you are looking for ways to minimize the effects of your pet’s shedding, start with the following four ideas.

Pet Shedding - How to Minimize the Effects

Pet Shedding: How to Minimize the Effects

Groom Often

Constant grooming is the key to getting shedding under control. Brushing can be done at home every day for most pets. It can get rid of loose hairs before they rub off on your belongings, and it can even decrease the amount that your pet sheds. Plus, your pet’s fur will be softer and shinier than ever. You should also consider bathing your pet occasionally according to your veterinarian’s recommendations. Occasional bathing with appropriate products should not dry out your pet’s skin but will rather improve the look and feel of his coat.

Consider Underlying Causes

While most all dogs and cats shed, some shed excessively for an underlying reason. Your veterinarian will be a good person to contact for concerns about this. For example, some pets shed because of bacterial infections, fleas or mites, allergies, excessive licking or disease.

Clean Frequently

Living with a pet that sheds requires frequent cleaning in your house. As previously mentioned, you will want to vacuum frequently to keep fur from working its way deep into the fibers of upholstery and carpets. You will also want to dust more frequently, preferably with a dusting wand or a microfiber cloth that traps hairs and dander. Additionally, be sure to change your furnace filter at least every month because many hairs work their way through the heating and cooling ducts of your home.

Pet Shedding - Chow in Bath Tub

Keep Drains Open

When you give your pet a bath in your tub, many hairs will be heading down the drain. Eventually, these can lead to major clogs that can slow water flow and even cut off draining completely. Try using an at-home product recommended by your plumber for eating through hair and restoring water flow, or call in a professional from a company like Rakeman Plumbing to snake through your drains.

Frequent grooming and cleaning is the best way to keep your pet’s shedding under control. When you wait too long, the shedding can reach crazy levels, and it can become more difficult than ever to get fur and other allergens free from your belongings. This is especially true if your pet lives indoors all year long, which can lead to constant rather than seasonal shedding.


Thursday 16th of April 2020

Good tips, got to keep my cat groomed as it's almost shedding season.

Emma Anderson

Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

Thanks for the tips! I have allergies, and this is pretty useful.

Amy D

Friday 16th of March 2018

These are great tips. I didn't know that washing your pet could reduce the amount of shedding.

Bonnie Lee

Wednesday 14th of March 2018

I mean it happens because of the seasons changing too. My fur baby sheds all the time, but there is a lot more shedding between winter to summer.

Debbie P

Wednesday 7th of March 2018

Thanks for the great tips.

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