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The Pampered Pup: How To Give Your Dog The Royal Treatment

Looking after a dog is one thing, but giving them royal treatment is quite another.

Making them feel like they are right at the center of your world is a challenge, but something that you can do if you know how. 

Here’s how to make your dog feel like a million dollars: 

The Pampered Pup: How To Give Your Dog The Royal Treatment

Buy Them New Swag

Admit it: you love buying your dog new swag.

Seeing them running around in socks or getting them an LED collar can be a lot of fun and really makes a difference in how they feel about themselves too.

Dogs know when they’re being pampered and treated.

And they appreciate it in their own strange way, even though they don’t care if you never buy them anything. 

Small dog laying on its back in owners lap

Give Them A Massage

Massages feel good for humans. And guess what? They’re also popular among dogs as well. 

Giving your dog a massage will help him relax more and settle down.

If you don’t want to do the massage yourself (perhaps because you don’t know how), most dog spas will do them for you for a small fee. 

Brown and white dog with pink life vest swimming with orange ball

Take Your Dog For A Swim

You might also want to take your dog for a swim.

Many dogs, particularly labradors, naturally love being in the water and will paddle all day if you give them half a chance.

Just let your dog jump in and see what happens at the lake or in the sea.

Don’t worry if your dog hasn’t been swimming before.

All dogs know how to swim instinctively so there shouldn’t be any problems.

If you’re worried about them getting swept away, you can now buy doggy life jackets that will keep them afloat, no matter where the current takes them. 

Learn How To Give Them First Aid

There is such a thing as MyCPR NOW for pets.

This means that you can learn the same first aid for humans and apply it to your dog if they get in trouble.

This way, you could save their life by keeping them alive until veterinary help arrives. 

Woman and her dog sitting on hiking trail overlooking the mountains

Take Your Dog For A Hike

Dogs love going to the park but, for them, the backcountry is even better.

They have so much space to enjoy and they never get tired.

Just remember to take a dog bowl with you for their water and bring them plenty of snacks and treats along the way.

Dogs will stay by your side for weeks at a time and enjoy the fact that they are out of the house.

Bone-shaped dog biscuits on a rack beside ingredients

Bake Them Some Treats

Dogs love treats. But, unfortunately, because of the way their tummies work, they can’t eat most human food.

Pure sugar in cakes and cookies, for instance, is bad for them and can lead to a host of health conditions. 

The good news is that you can bake them dog-friendly treats that don’t contain any ingredients that could be potentially harmful for them.

Just take a look at some dog recipe sites for ideas and instructions on what you need to do.

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