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Unique Tattoo Designs To Dedicate To Your Pet

There are a few dogs and cats in your life you’ll likely remember better than flesh-and-blood relatives. You may also have a few toucans, parrots, or other birds that become integral to you over the long-run. Birds do tend to live longer, and they’re a lot smarter than people realize. That said, dogs and cats tend to dominate the pet tattoo market.

The point is, there may be quite a few different pets you want to commemorate more appropriately than perhaps a painting, a picture, or a few videos from when your pets were in the prime of life.

Some people get tattoos to commemorate the extended family members they have in the animal kingdom.

Here we’ll explore a few design ideas to help stimulate your imagination that direction.

Unique Tattoo Designs To Dedicate To Your Pet

A Paw Print, Or A Series Of Them

The paw print of your pet is poignant, and you can have it exactly transferred into a tattoo design by Tattoo Stylist.

You might even have a number of paw prints in a trail—like when your favorite cat walked over you while you were napping on the couch in the afternoon.

Paw prints

Stylized Scenes Of You And Your Pet Together

You’ve been through thick and thin with your pets, and there are memories you will have of them that never go away.

Some people like to find a way of commemorating that scene from their memories in a tattoo. Maybe they’ll transfer a picture of themselves and their pet together doing something.

Having Your Favorite Pet Picture Drawn On You

Because of the advances in tattoo technology, and the expanded demand for body art of this variety, there’s a greater quality to output than, perhaps, has ever been known. So you might have a deep, beautiful picture of your pet drawn on you where you see it in the mirror every morning.

Photo-realistic depictions are possible now; and many feel their pets are worth it.

Black and white image of woman looking into eyes of a dog

Stylized Depiction Of Your Four-Footed Family Member

Beyond photo-realism, you can work with a tattoo stylist to find a sort of aesthetic “flavor” that matches the personality of your pet. There are old dogs who are solemn and respectful, and those who love nothing more than play.

Sometimes a cat is fiercely loyal to you and nobody else; sometimes they just love to be around people in any way they can.

So what you might do is have a more “cartoonish” depiction of your pet. Or maybe you just get their name in artistic calligraphy.

Many different people have many different preferences, and pets are as diverse as the people that are their masters. So you’ve got a lot of room to really capture the essence of your pet this way.

Arm with dog tattoo with senior dog

Finding The Tattoo That Best Commemorates Your Pet

Animals stay in our hearts for many generations. Some animals will be remembered fondly by families from grandparents down to great grandchildren.

There are periods when an animal really is as much a part of the family as everyone else. It’s no wonder that tattoos of these eternally vibrant, beautiful creatures are so popular. They love more truly than most people.

A few fun ideas for tattoo commemoration involve paw prints, photo-realistic depictions of your pets, artistically stylized depictions, scenes of you and your pet together, or even simply their name in a font that matches who they were.

You might even get the tattoo while your favorite pet is still wagging its tail and giving you a toothy feline or canine grin.


Monday 18th of January 2021

I love the paw print idea, because of its subtlety.

rochelle haynes

Sunday 17th of January 2021

This looks ok but not for me

Buddy Garrett

Friday 15th of January 2021

I love this idea.

Sarah L

Wednesday 13th of January 2021

I got enough holes in my arm from my cat without wanting someone to put a tattoo on me.

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